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Friday, 18 September 2015

Gorer math (also known as Maidan) is a vast open ground from Kolkata, India. Heard about this place from numerous Bangla writings and cinemas from West Bengal. Since then this place was in my bucket list. The famous Eden gardens stadium, Victoria Memorial, Race course, etc all are the part of this Gorer math.

After the decisive win by the British East India, the army decided to established the fort William. During that time they have cleaned the jungle from this area and created this vast Maidan. Since then the area is the property of Indian army. Later many other infrastructures have been developed here. That forced the great field to shrink in a smaller one. But the remaining of original one is still a very big one with plenty of open air and greens. This place is known as the lungs of Kolkata for the clean air.

Few guys were flying kites.

In modern days there are plenty of time passing options in Kolkata (starting from a restaurant to amusement parks and so on). But once upon a time those things were only for the rich. That's why people used to visit this Gorer Math during some weekend or during a nice afternoon. Ladies made their demand to their boyfriends, children had demand to their parents about taking them to the Gorer math. Street food sellers were selling fancy foods (i.e. Bhel puri, Pani puri, chanachur, etc), and everyone's demand was to taste those before returning back to home.

Goats are about to enter the Maidan (ময়দান).

I've reached at Gorer math after visiting the Indian museum. It was only a few minutes of walking distance from there. I've seen a group of guys were flying their kites. Seen plenty of goats were grazing over the lash green field. There were also few random horses as well. Lot of people were playing either football or cricket in different groups. If you want to walk around the whole place then it would take more than several hours. I've walked a good portion around within my two days of visit.

A large group of goats are entering the Maidan (ময়দান).

From the field you can see the top of the Victoria memorial. You can also observe the top the nearby Vidyasagar bridge. There were few hawkers around who were selling Bhel puri, Ice cream, etc. I've tasted the Bhel puri from there and it was the first time for me to taste it. But I didn't like the taste of it. They've put something red colored stuff over it (probably that was what I didn't like). I was expecting that thing to be hot and spice, rather ended up with a sweetish thing!

Grasses are green and long. Also few trees are at the edge of the Maidan (ময়দান).

I've seen plenty of horse carts around the Gorer Math, more specifically at the road near the Victoria memorial. It would be a nice idea to use those things to move quickly around the roads. For my case it was getting darker due to the cloud. So I've decided to be inside the Victoria memorial during the rain.

It is a vast open space.

People from Kolkata often use the phrase "Gorer Math" to mean something is empty. For example "My wallet is Gorer Math".

Few high rise buildings at background.

কলকাতার লেখকদের বাংলা লেখায় অসংখ্যবার গড়ের মাঠ কথাটি পেয়েছি। ফাঁকা পকেট বোঝাতে 'পকেট গড়ের মাঠ' তো মুখস্তই হয়ে গেছে। আর হওয়া খেতে কোথাও যেতে হলে সেটা যেতে হয় গড়ের মাঠেই। আর বিখ্যাত বাংলা ছিনেমা সাড়ে চুয়াত্তরে ভানু তো ধরা খেয়ে বলেইছিলো "আমরা, এই গড়ের মাঠে। হওয়া খাইতে! চল যাই, চানাচুর ভাজা খাইগা?"। এসব কারণেই আজকে গড়ের মাঠে একটু ঢু দেয়া।

India is very strong at cricket. So thus everywhere you'd see people playing cricket.

A lovely view of cricket. The great Victoria memorial is at the background.

View of great Victoria memorial from Gorer math (গড়ের মাঠ).

View of Vidyasagar bridge (বিদ্যাসাগর সেতু) from the Gorer math (গড়ের মাঠ).

The green grasses are the good source for the grazing domestic animal goats and horses.

People often take shortcut through the Maidan (ময়দান). This footpath in grass indicates that nicely.

Gorer math (গড়ের মাঠ)
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