Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Alexandrian laurel (সুলতান চাঁপা) - Calophyllum inophyllum

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Bengali Name : Sultan chapa (সুলতান চাঁপা), Punnag (পুন্নাগ), Konnal (কন্নাল).
Common Name : Alexandrian laurel, Borneo mahogany, Laurelwood.
Botanical Name : Calophyllum inophyllum
Family : Calophyllaceae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

Didn't get a chance to get a fresh photo of this flower. I'll upload the fresh photo of this flower as soon as after I capture.

Alexandrian laurel is a flower from the Indian region, East Asia and East Africa. It has lot of common names such as Alexandrian laurel, Beauty leaf, Sultan champa, Laurelwood, Borneo mahogany, etc. In Bangladesh we know this as Sultan champa (সুলতান চাঁপা), Punnag (পুন্নাগ), etc.

Alexandrian laurel (সুলতান চাঁপা) is a slow growing medium tree with evergreen leafs (usually grows up to 25 meter in height). Leafs are glossy, elliptic shaped, and thick. The leafs are very dense in plant. Leafs are used as decorative purpose, hence named as Beauty leaf plant.

Flowers are very beautiful and fragrant of this plant. Inflorescence flowers are having 4-15 small flowers having snow white petals. Flowers are having a bushy yellow at the center (collection of yellow stamens), and a small red ball shaped ovary (or stigma?). Petals are cup shaped, and the flower bud is ball shaped.

The seeds of the plant is a source of oil. This oil is used for medicinal purpose, and hair care. The fruit is poisonous and people use this at the tip of the arrow (in some countries i.e. Samoa).

This is used as an ornamental plant for its fragrant flowers and decorative leafs. But also, this plant is useful for reforestation purpose. In some countries this plant is seen at roadside. I have only seen this plant in our Botanical garden at Dhaka.

Photos of this article were taken from Botanic Garden, Dhaka. It was during the month of July 2017. The area was dark under the dense tree. That's why the photos are not good.

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