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Shirish ful (শিরিষ ফুল) - Albizia lebbeck

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Bengali Name : Shirish ful (শিরিষ ফুল).
Common Name : Lebbeck, Flea tree, Frywood, etc.
Botanical Name : Albizia lebbeck
Synonym : Acacia lebbek
Family : Fabaceae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

ছোট বেলায় একটা ধাঁধা আমাদের মুখে মুখে ঘুরতো। তো সেই ধাঁধার প্রথমটির উত্তর আজকের এই শিরিষ গাছ। গ্রাম দেশে অনেকেই শিরিষকে শুধু কড়ই গাছ নামেও ডাকে। গাছের কাঠ খুব ভালো কাজের। আসবাবপত্র বানানোর কাজে ব্যবহার হয় অনেক। ফুলটাও দেখতে অনেক সুন্দর। সবুজাভ সাদা রঙের ফুল অনেক হয় গাছে। আর ফল পাকলে সাদা ফলের মাঝে বিচিগুলো বাতাসের দোলে ঝুন ঝুন করে বাজতে থাকে। ধাঁধাটি দিয়ে দিলাম:

কোন গাছ বাজে।
কোন গাছ সাজে।
কোন গাছে ছেড়া কাঁথা।

Botanic name of our today's plant is Albizia lebbeck. It belongs to the plant family Fabaceae. In Bangladesh we call this plant as Shirish/Siris (শিরিষ). Common name of the plant is Woman's tongues tree, lebbeck, flea tree, frywood, etc. But in general this plant is also known as Siris (শিরিষ). This plant is native to South Asia and Eastern Asian region. It is naturalized in tropical and subtropical region.

Siris (শিরিষ) is a medium to tall growing tree that can reach up to 30 meter in height. It is a deciduous plant and leafs are bipinnate. A leaf can hold up to 12 pair of leaflets which are asymmetric. leaflets use to fold after the sunset similar to other mimosa plants.

Siris (শিরিষ) flowers are attractive and beautiful. The tree bears plenty of showy whitish-green flower during the blooming season. Flowers are actually a cluster of small flowers similar to powderpuff flower. The long stamens from the flower is having green at top and white at bottom. That's why it looks like a whitish-green flower (or can say multi-color flower).

Flowers attract lot of bees and small birds those helps the pollination alongside the air. The fruit is a pod having white (or brownish white) color and the button-like brown seeds are marked in a liner way. During a windy day the seeds use to produce a nice rattling sound.

Although it is usually planted as an ornamental at roadside, but the wood of the Siris (শিরিষ) is having a very high value. They are very useful to make the furniture.

Photos of this article were taken from Dhanmondi, Dhaka (ধানমন্ডি, ঢাকা). It was the month of May 2015.

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