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Palan ful (পালান ফুল) - Wrightia coccinea

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Bengali Name : Palan ful (পালান ফুল), Palam ful (পালাম ফুল).
Common Name : Scarlet Wrightia.
Botanical Name : Wrightia coccinea
Family : Apocynaceae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

পালন এই দেশেরই একটি ফুল। সিলেটের পাহাড়ি অঞ্চলে হয় অনেক। ঢাকায় রমনা পার্কে আছে একটি। উদ্ভিদ প্রেমী দ্বিজেন শর্মা গাছটি সিলেট থেকে এনে লাগিয়েছিলেন এখানে। আগে কখনও এই ফুল দেখিনি। ফুলের রং উজ্জ্বল লাল (সিঁদুরে লাল) হলেও আকারে ছোট আর সংখ্যায় কম হওয়াতে সহজে চোখে পরে না। আমি গিয়েছিলাম কুর্চি ফুলের কিছু ভালো ছবি তোলার জন্য। তখন কুর্চি গাছের পাশেই এই ফুলের দেখা পেয়ে যাই।

Today our plant is Palan (পালান) that is only seen at Sylhet's hilly area. It is native to our Bangladesh and Eastern Asia. In our hilly area of Sylhet we still have few of this flowering plant. To my knowledge in Dhaka we have this plant in two places (one is Botanical garden and another one is Ramna Park).

The name of the flower is Palan (পালান), Palam (পালাম), Palang (পালাং), etc in Bengali. Botanical name is Wrightia coccinea. As the flower color is scarlet that's why the flower's common name is Scarlet wrightia. This flowering plant belongs to the family Apocynaceae.

Palan (পালান) is a deciduous medium sized plant that can grow up to 20 meter in height. It is a slow growing plant. Leafs are elliptic broad at the middle and narrow tipped at the end. Leafs are arranged oppositely around the stem. Leafs produce white sap when torn.

Palan flowers (পালান ফুল) are having a shape of funnel. It has five petals (to me looks like waxy when fresh). Upper side of the petal is scarlet in color where as the other side is pale pink or rosy in color. Flower buds are green, small, and oval shaped. Flower doesn't have strong fragrant but attract log of small insects with color. Blooming season in Bangladesh is spring and summer (February-May).

The timber from Palan (পালান) is a high quality one when properly mature. Otherwise it is nothing but a low quality wood. For its slow growing nature it is hard to get such quality of timber from the tree.

Photos of this article were taken from Ramna park, Dhaka (রমনা পার্ক, ঢাকা) during April 2015. That was planted by the famous professor and botanist Dizen Sharma (দ্বিজেন শর্মা).

This article has written by Lonely Traveler,
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