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Indian silverbill (চাঁদিঠোঁট মুনিয়া) - Euodice malabarica

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Bengali Name : Munia pakhi (মুনিয়া পাখি), Chandi-thot munia (চাঁদি-ঠোঁট মুনিয়া).
Common Name : Indian silverbill.
Binomial/Scientific Name : Euodice malabarica
Synonym : Lonchura malabarica
Family : Estrildidae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

Previously I've written about the bird Scaly-breasted munia. This time it is another Munia bird named Indian silverbill. This bird is also known as White-throated munia. In Bangladesh in general this bird is known as Munia (মুনিয়া). But Bengali academic name per birdwatchers is Chandi-thot munia (চাঁদিঠোঁট মুনিয়া).

White rump of the Indian silverbill (চাঁদিঠোঁট মুনিয়া) is visible.

Binomial name of the bird is Euodice malabarica with a synonym Lonchura malabarica. It belongs to the bird family Estrildidae. This bird is native to Bangladesh and South asian region. It was introduced in many other countries later.

Indian silverbill (চাঁদিঠোঁট মুনিয়া) is a small sized bird similar to the finch or sparrow. Upper side of the bird's color is brown with the edges of the wings are dark brown. Front side of the bird is whitish. Upper portion of the tail (or rump) of the bird has white spots. Those spots are mostly visible while flying and less visible while perching.

Beak of the bird is conical and color is silver-grey. Both male and female birds are similar. They use to forage in a small group. They mostly forage over the paddy fields, open grassland as they mainly live on the grains.

This bird is not good at making nests. It prefers to make nest on thorny acacia plant. They sometimes seen reusing the nest of Baya weaver birds (after abandoned by the weaver). One such nest can hold up to 8 eggs from the female. Later both male and female do the incubation.

Photos of this article were taken from the following places of Bangladesh:
1) December 2014: Keraniganj, Dhaka (কেরানীগঞ্জ, ঢাকা).

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