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Indian jasmine (কুন্দ ফুল) - Jasminum multiflorum

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Bengali Name : Kundo (কুন্দ ফুল), Megh mollika (মেঘমল্লিকা), etc.
Common Name : Musk jasmine, Downy jasmine, Indian jasmine, etc.
Botanical Name : Jasminum multiflorum
Family : Oleaceae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh and India

Kunda (কুন্দ) is an interesting flower that is native to our region. It has plenty of common names such as Dowry jasmine, Musk jasmine, Indian jasmine, Winter jasmine, Star jasmine, and many more! Even in Bengali it has few names such as Meghmollika (মেঘমল্লিকা), Tara beli (তারা বেলি), Lota beli (লতা বেলি), etc. Botanical name of the plant is Jasminum multiflorum and belongs to the plant family Oleaceae (where all jasmine flowers reside).

Indian jasmine (কুন্দ) is a woody vine grows as a bush. The leafs are alternately arranged and oval shaped (tipped at the end). Leafs and young branches are hairy. People grow this plant as a bush at garden or put it over a structure to crawl.

Flowers are delicately beautiful those bloom as a cluster. Color is white as snow (although another verity is seen with purple bract). The flowers are slightly tubular with eight lobbed petals. Flowers are too much showy and sometimes it covers the plant totally. Unlike other jasmine flowers this one doesn't have any smell.

Propagation of this plant can be done using cutting and from the root. Gardeners prefer this flower as it brings plenty of flowers during winter, spring and summer.

Photos of this article were taken from the following locations:

1) February 2015: Dhaka University, Bangladesh (ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়).
2) April 2015: Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh (গুলশান, ঢাকা).
3) January 2016: Kolkata Botanic Garden, India.

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