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Common myna (শালিক পাখি) - Acridotheres tristis

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Bengali Name : Shalik (শালিক পাখি), Bhat shalik (ভাত শালিক).
Common Name : Common myna, Indian myna, House myna.
Binomial Name : Acridotheres tristis
Family : Sturnidae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

ঢাকায় যেই তিনটি পাখি বেশি দেখা যায় তার মধ্যে শালিক পাখি অন্যতম (অন্য দুটি কাক আর চড়ূই)। লোকজন একে ভাতশালিক নামেই বেশি চেনে। দেখতে অনেকটাই ময়না পাখির কাছাকাছি, আর খুব বিরল হলেও একটু আধটু কথা বলতে পারে। আমরা যে বলি জোড়া শালিক দেখলে যাত্রা শুভ হয়, এইটা সেই শালিক পাখি।

Common myna (শালিক পাখি) is a very common bird from Bangladesh. It has other names such as Indian myna, House myna, etc. In Bengali we call this bird as Shalik (শালিক), Bhat shalik (ভাত শালিক), etc. Binomial name of the bird is Acridotheres tristis and it belongs to the bird family Sturnidae where all the starling and myna birds reside. They are native to Asia but later introduced in many other countries.

A pair of Common myna (শালিক পাখি) perching on an electric wire.

Common myna (শালিক পাখি) is a small to medium sized bird. Predominant color of the bird is brown, but the head and back of the tail is black. Under side of the tail, and part of the underside wing are white. Beak and the feet of the bird are yellow. This bird has yellow eyepatch behind the eyes. Both male and females are alike. They are often seen walking on ground instead of hopping.

A Common myna (শালিক পাখি) on a Mahogany tree.

Common myna (শালিক পাখি) are not that much expert on making the nests. They just make a hunky-dory nest with whatever materials they find. Their nests are usually on the trees near human resident, or at the walls, or at tree holes. Female uses to lay 4-6 eggs. Common myna uses to make a pair for their life (assumed). Often seen foraging in a group (even with other myna species).

A Common myna (শালিক পাখি) basking.

Common myna (শালিক পাখি) birds are very adaptive and eat everything (omnivorous). That's why the number of the bird is increasing these days. Hence it is marked as one of the invasive birds of the world.

A group of Common myna (শালিক পাখি) with a group of Asian pied starling.

Common myna (শালিক পাখি) foraging on grass.

A group of Common myna (শালিক পাখি).

Photos of this article were taken from several places of Bangladesh during different times. This is a very common bird here in Bangladesh and seen everywhere during anytime of the year.

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