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Common hawk-cuckoo (চোখ গেলো পাখি) - Hierococcyx varius

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Bengali Name : Chokh gelo pakhi (চোখ গেলো পাখি).
Common Name : Common hawk-cuckoo, Brainfever bird.
Binomial/Scientific Name : Hierococcyx varius
Family : Cuculidae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

আমার প্রিয় পাখির একটা, চোখ গেলো পাখি। পাখিটি পছন্দের কারণ এর অসম্ভব সুন্দর ডাক। সারাদিন একঘেয়ে ভাবে ডাকার কারণে অনেকের কাছে এর ডাক বিরক্তির কারণও হয় বটে। অন্যান্য সমগোত্রীয় কোকিলের মতোই অত্যন্ত লাজুক পাখি এরা। খুব সহজে গাছ থেকে মাটিতে নামেনা, যার কারণে চোখে পরেও কম। কিন্তু ঐ যে উচ্চ স্বরে সারাদিন ধরে ডাকাডাকি, উপস্থিতি জানান দেয়ার জন্য যথেষ্ট। ডাকে শুধু পুরুষ পাখি, প্রজনন ঋতুতে। আর স্ত্রী পাখি ডিম পাড়ে অন্যের বাসায়।

Common hawk-cuckoo is our today's bird. The call of this bird is one my favorites. It has a nice crescendo in their calls. In Bengali we call the bird as Chokh gelo pakhi (চোখ গেলো পাখি). Binomial name of the bird is Hierococcyx varius. The genus Hierococcyx holds all the hawk-cuckoo birds. This bird belongs to the bird family Cuculidae where all the cuckoo birds reside. It is native to our South Asian region including Bangladesh.

Common hawk-cuckoo (চোখ গেলো পাখি) is a medium sized bid. Both male and female birds are similar but males are slightly larger. Upper side of the bird is ashy-grey or brownish-grey in color. Front side is dull-white with brownish spots (or streaked). Birds are having a prominent yellow ring around the eyes. Insects are their main diet. They are a specialist to eat the caterpillars. Caterpillar contains toxin, but before eating, the Common hawk-cuckoo uses to press and rub the caterpillar on the branch to remove the gut (that contains toxin).

Common hawk-cuckoo (চোখ গেলো পাখি) has a resemblances with the hawk birds. Also the flight, perching, and gliding style of the bird can be mistaken with the Sparrowhawks. For these reasons other small birds use to get scared (for a while) with the presence of this hawk-cuckoo bird.

Most interesting part of the Common hawk-cuckoo (চোখ গেলো পাখি) is their call. It is lyrical, loud, and continuous. During the breeding season the male bird use to call throughout the day. It starts with a low pitch and then keep increasing until stop abruptly. After having a pause for a while starts again and then keep going for the day. For continuity of the call of the bird it has another common name Brainfever bird.

This bird prefers to live on trees and rarely comes to ground. That's why it is very difficult to locate the bird. But its call helps to find it easily for the birdwatchers. In Bengali the call is something like dee dee, dee dee, dee dee, dee dee and then chokh gelo megh gelo (means eyes are gone).

Similar to other cuckoo bird this one is also a parasite bird. The female prefers to lay one single egg on each nests of the host. They mainly target the babbler birds (i.e. Jungle babbler).

Photos of this article were taken from the following places of Bangladesh:

1) January 2015: Keraniganj, Dhaka (কেরানীগঞ্জ, ঢাকা).
2) January 2015: Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট).

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