Friday, November 25, 2016

Apple flower (আপেল ফুল) - Malus pumila

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Bengali Name : Apel (আপেল ফুল).
Common Name : Apple.
Botanical Name : Malus pumila
Family : Rosaceae (rose family)
Photo Taken : Ireland

More or less we all know about the popular fruit Apple. Apple plant belongs to the plant family Rosaceae where all the roses reside. Similar to the roses an Apple flower is also very beautiful. This is cultivated as a fruit tree worldwide, but could have been a flowering tree easily had it not been bear the sweet fruits.

Binomial name of the Apple plant is Malus pumila. It doesn't have any other common name. In Bengali we call this as Apel (আপেল). Origin of Apple is Europe and Asia. Later it was introduced in North america by the European colonists.

Apple is a small to medium sized deciduous tree. If the plant grows from a seed then it can be a large one, but a tree from cutting usually become a small one. A tree can grow up to 15 ft in height (in wild up to 40 ft). Oval shaped leafs are alternately arranged. Leafs are toothed at margin.

Apple flowers are delicately beautiful similar to roses. Color of the flower is pinkish white (or rosy white). Flower is having five petals. Shape of the petal is similar to a spoon. Flowers bloom in a small cluster. Central flower from the cluster (that blooms first) is slightly larger one and later that has a chance to become slightly a larger apple.

Apple fruits are usually less than a tennis ball size (many varieties are small apples). Color and size of the fruit can vary based on the cultivars. The Fruit is slightly juicy and contains few small brown seeds. Most of the portion of the fruit is edible.

We usually eat Apple as raw fruit. Pie and sauce can be made from apple. Apple juice is a popular one. Cider and vinegar can be made from fermented Apple.

We have worked in this garden voluntarily. This is before cleaning the apple garden.

We have worked in this garden voluntarily. This is after cleaning the garden.

Photos of this article were taken from the following places of Ireland:
1) May 2016: Dublin City University.
2) August 2016: Botanic garden

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