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Verbena flower (ভার্বেনা ফুল) - Verbena x hybrida

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Bengali Name : Verbena ful (ভার্বেনা ফুল).
Common Name : Verbena, Common Verbena, Garden Verbena, etc.
Botanical Name : Verbena x hybrida
Family : Verbenaceae (verbena family)

Verbena is an ornamental flowering plant that is native to the South America. It is also known as Common garden verbena. In Bengali we do not have any name for this flower. That's why we also call this as Verbena (ভার্বেনা ফুল). The flowers we see around us are hybrid and binomial name is Verbena x hybrida, and belongs to the family Verbenaceae, where all verbena flowers belong.

Verbena (ভার্বেনা ফুল) is an annual plant (some people say perennial, but I didn't see such). It grows flat and most of the time found growing several inches (but can reach up to 4 feet). The dense plant is having oppositely arranged leafs which are toothed. Green leafs are having a nice deep texture on it. Size of the leaf can be 1-2 inches.

Verbena flowers (ভার্বেনা ফুল) are delicately beautiful and bloom as a cluster. It has lot of colors due to the hybrid (pink, purple, red, rose, peach, maroon, etc). Small flowers are having five petals. Each of the petals are then slightly divided near the pinnacle (sometimes like a shape of a heart). Flowers use to bend inwards before withering.

This ornamental plant can be grown in a pot or as a garden border. It can tolerate dry soil and can sustain with less care. Blooming season is mostly the spring (March-April) as per my observation around this sub continent.

Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh and Nepal as mentioned below:
1) April 2014: Kathmandu, Nepal.
2) April 2015: Dhaka, Bangladesh (ঢাকা, বাংলাদেশ).

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