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Green pea (মটরশুটি ফুল) - Pisum sativum

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Bengali Name : Motorshuti (মটরশুটি).
Common Name : Pea, Green pea, Garden pea, etc.
Botanical Name : Pisum sativum
Family : Fabaceae (pea family)

Today we are going to learn about a flower that belongs to a cultivated plant. I am not sure exactly at which region this plant is native, but for sure I know that this is a popular plant to cultivate in several places of Bangladesh during the winter. This plant is so popular throughout the world and thus it has several common names (i.e. Pea, Green pea, Garden pea, Field pea, English pea, etc).

In Bangladesh we call this as Motorshuti (মটরশুটি). Throughout the world it has several varieties that the farmers are cultivating. My flower is also a variety like those. I don't know what is the exact botanical name of this variety, but it is known as Pisum sativum commonly and it belongs to the pea family Fabaceae.

Green pea (মটরশুটি) is an annual, herbaceous, and fast growing vegetable crop. It is a low growing vine like plant having thin coil like tendrils those can attach the plant to a nearby support. Leafs are arranged alternately and having slightly long petiole. Leaflets are having a shape of lens and oppositely arranged.

The leaf of Green pea (মটরশুটি) are interesting. It has long tendrils at the pinnacle of the pinnate leaf. And at the base of the leaf (the axil of stem and petiole) it has another pair of stipules those are having ovate shape. The margin of the stipules are having slightly toothed.

Though it is a crop plant but the flowers are nonetheless beautiful. Flowers are comprising of upper and lower lips (petals). For this particular variety the upper petals are light pink in color, and the lower petals are having maroon color. Blooming season is the winter here in Bangladesh.

Fruits (though we consider it as a vegetable) are legume like any others from this family. Inside the long seedpod it has several cylindrical seeds (which actually is consumable). It is full with nutrients and very popular in varies types of cooking here in Bangladesh.

The stipules at the axil of petiole and the stem.

Green pea (মটরশুটি) is a very profitable crop and several part of our country has suitable soil for this. Our farmers are cultivating this in a great quantity, but still we have the scope to escalate the production.

To add more information, the well known German scientist Gregor Johann Mendel had performed some genetic experiments on this Pea plant between 1856 and 1863. This famous scientist is known as the father of modern genetics.

Fields of Green pea (মটরশুটি).

Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh as mentioned below:
1) 23 January 2015: Somewhere near Dhaleswari river, Munsiganj (মুন্সিগঞ্জ).

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