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Orange headed thrush (কমলা ফুলি পাখি) - Geokichla citrina

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Bengali Name : Komola fuli (কমলা ফুলি), Komola dama (কমলা দামা).
Common Name : Orange-headed thrush.
Binomial/Scientific Name : Geokichla citrina
Family : Turdidae

Orange headed thrush is a beautiful shy bird that is native to South Asia and Southeast Asian region. In Bangladesh we call this bird as Komola fuli (কমলা ফুলি), Komola dama (কমলা দামা), etc. Binomial name of the bird is Geokichla citrina. This bird belongs to the family Turdidae (thrush bird).

From the name Orange headed thrush (কমলা ফুলি) you can easily guess the color of the bird! Yes it is mostly having orange color (the head and the front side or underparts). Upper part (the wing) of the bird is bluish or grey-bluish. But experts (which I am not) know the subtle difference between the wing color between the male and female. The vent (or under tail) is white colored. The bill is pale blue/grey in color. It is a normal sized bird (or may be slightly smaller).

Orange headed thrush (কমলা ফুলি) mostly prefers to be on the ground inside the shaded damp forest. They mainly forage alone, but seen sometimes foraging with the pair as well. This bird prefers to remain secret or hidden and very shy in nature. The call of this bird is very thin and not loud. And most of the time they use to remain silent. That's why it requires a luck to locate and see this bird here in Bangladesh.

This bird is an omnivorous (eats fruit, earthworm, insects, etc). They use to be around the ground which is covered with lot of fallen leafs. Using their beak they use to toss and turn the leafs and look for it's meal. They are mainly active for the feeding during the dawn and dusk.

Although the bird prefers to be around the ground level, but makes the nest into the trees. Both the male and female contribute to prepare the nest. But unfortunately they have enemies like parasite birds which use them as a host for their reproduction.

Photos of this article were taken from the following locations during 2014 & 2015:
1) 21 November 2014: Atkandi, Norshingdi (আটকান্দি, নরসিংদী),
2) 14 February 2015: Botanical Garden, Dhaka (বোটানিক্যাল গার্ডেন, ঢাকা).

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