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Munsiganj: Camping at Vaor-Viti (ভাওর ভিটিতে ক্যাম্পিং)

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Friday, 23 January 2015 - Saturday, 24 January 2015

It was a tour that wasn't arranged by me. I have joined with my younger brothers for this trip. They have arranged a camping trip near the Dhaka city, which was at the edge of the Munsiganj district (মুন্সিগঞ্জ জেলা). In this trip our main objective was to do a camping and and return back at next morning.

Worker repairing a boat beside the river Dhaleswari (ধলেশ্বরী নদী).

We were supposed to join at 11:00 am of Morning. But I have left the Dhaka city very early at morning (7:30 am) with my travel mate to do some bird watching. Using a bus from Gulistan (গুলিস্তান) we have reached at the Bridge over the river named Dhaleswari (ধলেশ্বরী নদী). We have explored the river area and then moved inside a village and started walking through the village area.

Worker repairing a boat beside the river Dhaleswari (ধলেশ্বরী নদী).

We were expecting to have few birds during this trip, but unfortunately we have only found the common birds and very few in quantity as well. But fortunately this was winter and lot of seasonal crops were planted by the villagers. And Munsiganj is a prominent supplier of potato along with the seasonal crops. During this walking we have found Pea (মটরশুটি ফুল), Potato, Mashkolai (মাসকলাই ফুল), etc fields and I have collected lot of photos for those crop flowers.

A bridge over the river Dhaleswari (ধলেশ্বরী নদী).

We have found a resort beside the river during our walking. But it was an unfinished one and currently they are not taking any guest for overnight staying. But they rent the location for a large picnic party during the weekend. And We have found a group was there and making lot of noises with the loud speakers. There were few cottages available around the premise and we have explored the area for a moment.

Dhaleswari river (ধলেশ্বরী নদী), it has shrinked due to the winter.

After exploring the resort we started again our mission to find few new birds. But once again our luck was a bit tough. But this time we have seen Indian roller, Greater coucal, Grey headed shrike, etc birds. When It was around 01:00 pm of the day that time our friends have arrived and we joined with them.

Villagers using a narrow passage through the potato farm.

Our camping site was actually one of our travel mate's relative's land at Vaor-viti (ভাওর ভিটি). It was just beside the Dhaka-Mawa (ঢাকা-মাওয়া) highway. We have selected a common bank of two ponds for our camping. After having a short break we have gone near the river bank and started swimming at the river. The river water was cold due to the winter, but not that much. And the water was clean. Though it looked muddy from far, but the water was actually a fresh one. It was after a long time I did the swimming, specially at the river. I wanted to do that for another hour but my mates were tired and wasn't interested to agree with me.

A farmer giving fertilizer to his field.

We have had our lunch from the nearby bazaar known as Abdullapur (আব্দুল্লাপুর). After the lunch we have bought our required things from the market (for Barbi-Q). I bought few tamarinds to prepare sour juice for the dinner. I bought only a few as none were interested on that thing.

A bridge over the river Dhaleswari (ধলেশ্বরী নদী).

During the night time it was Barbi-Q time. I personally do not like meat (and the Barbi-Q) but I eat. My mates were ebullient enough for this purpose and they were preparing and cooking joyfully. Like any other of our tours the chicken Barbi-Q was delicious and tasty. We have enjoyed that thing with the Khichuri (খিচুড়ী). I have prepared a sour juice from the tamarind. Initially the requisition was only for two person. But later everyone wanted to have a taste! After the dinner we have played few rounds of card and I am terribly bad on that thing.

A bridge over the river Dhaleswari (ধলেশ্বরী নদী).

We were a bit late to go inside the tent at night. It was a warm weather throughout the day. But out of nothing the night came too much cold and even our blankets were not sufficient enough to overcome that cold. I was tossing and turning on my sheet whole night and was waiting for the morning. I barely had a sleep at night (and later found it happened same for others). After the 5:00 am at morning it started to get warm again and I had a sleep for around 3 hours till 8:00 am at the morning.

Once again the river Dhaleswari (ধলেশ্বরী নদী).

Without having any breakfast we the started to explore the village for more. This time we all started to do this exploration. Today our path was a different one, through the typical village paths. Again we have seen lot of crop fields which were really awesome, specially the wheat field. The young buds of the wheat were covered with very tinny drops of the dew and they were glittering with the help of sun ray.

Pea flower (মটরশুটি ফুল).

During our exploration we have reached near the river again and started walking through the bank of the river. I have found a weed flower named Cursed Buttercup that I didn't see before. The architecture of the herb plant was geometrical. I was happy to see that. From the birdwatching perspective, I have seen Common cuckoo hawk, Striated babbler, Baya weaver, Plain prinia, etc bird.

A Pea (মটরশুটি) farm.

After this morning stroll we have returned back to our campsite and pack everything and had a breakfast from the nearby bazaar and started for the Dhaka. From the roadside I have noticed that the Dhaka was only 12 kilometer far from there. I have reached my home before 2:00 pm of the day and after that I had a long nap till the night.

Thick green potato plants.

Things to ponder:

Humans are the most dangerous animal in this earth than any others. If you do any camping like this one near the human residence (specially in Bangladesh) then make sure you have ensured the security. Otherwise you may invite trouble for you for your carelessness.

This is a cottage of an unfinished resort located beside the river.

This passage will lead you towards the resort.

An Oriental garden lizard.

A field full of Onion flower (পেয়াজ ফুল).

Onion flower (পেয়াজ ফুল).

A Black winged kite (ধলা চিল) hovering.

A villager carrying some goods, probably grass.

Yellow Mustard field, beauty of the winter.

Yellow Mustard field, beauty of the winter.

Can you find any bird in this picture?

Striated grassbird (দাগী ঘাসপাখি).

Pituly (পিটুলি ফুল).

Our campsite during the night.

Our campsite during the night.

Chicken Barbi-Q.

Our campsite at the early morning.

Our campsite at the morning.

Our campsite at the morning.

A Common cuckoo hawk bird (চোখ গেল পাখি).

Wheat field at the morning.

A Pied myna (গোবর শালিক পাখি) is foraging over the Mustard field.

A Baya weaver bird (বাবুই পাখি).

A typical village road.

Mashkolai ful (মাসকলাই ফুল).

Mashkolai ful (মাসকলাই ফুল).

A field of Laal Shak (লাল শাক).

Lens culinaris.

A grandma is picking out the lice from her grand kid's hair.

River Dhalaesari (ধলেশ্বরী নদী).

Cursed Buttercup.

A plain or graceful prinia bird.

Striated babbler (দাগী ছাতারে).

White radish flower (মুলা ফুল).

White radish flower (মুলা ফুল).

A Barn owl (লক্ষী পেঁচা).

Camping and wandering,
District Munsiganj (মুন্সিগঞ্জ জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (23°38'36.51"N, 90°20'55.88"E) [approximate area],

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