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Majestic Heaven Lotus (গুস্তাভিয়া ফুল) - Gustavia augusta

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Bengali Name : Gustavia (গুস্তাভিয়া ফুল).
Common Name : Majestic Heaven Lotus, Gustavia, etc.
Botanical Name : Gustavia augusta
Family : Lecythidaceae

পদ্ম ফুলতো আমরা সবাই চিনি। কি সুন্দর নয়নাভিরাম একটা ফুল। সেই ফুলটাই যদি দেখি গাছে ফুটে আছে, তখন কেমন লাগবে? আজগুবি কিছু না, সত্যি কিন্তু এইরকম একটা ফুল আছে। ব্রাজিল তথা দক্ষিন আমেরিকা অঞ্চলের পদ্মের মতন গাছে ধরা এই ফুলের নাম গুস্তাভিয়া। যেমন নামে তেমনি গন্ধে, বর্ণে, আকারে, আকৃতিতে, সব কিছুতেই সুন্দর এই ফুলটি। বিদেশী ফুল হওয়াতে সচরাচর দেখা যায়না (আগে কখনই দেখিনাই)। তবে রমনা পার্কে আছে গোটা দশেকের মতন গুস্তাভিয়া ফুলের গাছ। ফুলের ছবিগুলো সেখান থেকেই উঠানো।

Its just like a Lotus flower blooming at tree.

Well, the name of the flower is Majestic Heaven Lotus (গুস্তাভিয়া ফুল) and which doesn't have any Bengali name in our country as it is native to Brazil and South American region. Botanical name of the flowering plant is Gustavia augusta. This flower is also called as Gustavia (which is the genus name). And in Bengali we'd like to call this as Gustavia (গুস্তাভিয়া) as well. This belongs to the plant family Lecythidaceae. Flower resembles the Lotus flower, and for its heavenly beauty it is called as Majestic Heaven Lotus.

Gustavia (গুস্তাভিয়া) is a medium sized flowering tree that can grow up to 6-8 meter in height. This tree remains mostly unbranched with thick leafs and it is an evergreen tree. Its leafs are very long (slightly broad at one end and narrow near the base) and coffee colored when immature. They are deeply veined which are visible. Leafs are probably spirally arranged as a whirl around the branch (or probably alternately arranged). It is a very slow growing plant.

Bees are attracted to these thick pollens.

Majestic Heaven Lotus (গুস্তাভিয়া ফুল) flowers are extremely beautiful. Flowers are large and fragrant. Color of the flower is pink, pale pink, or white pink. It has four sepals and four petals (though I'd like to call all of them as petals). Flowers bloom directly from the branch of the tree with a thick stalk. Reproduction system of the flower is placed at the center of it and looks like a crown. Gustavia (গুস্তাভিয়া) can attract lot of bees and insects with its numerous pollens. Since the flowers bloom directly from the branch and the leafs are dense, that's why sometimes you may need to give an attention to notice the flowers.

The perception and judgement varies from person to person. One can find this flower most beautiful and one can find it less. In my personal opinion this gets 10/10 marks for its delicate beauty.

We are familiar with several trees around the Amazon rain forest which are useful to make poison arrow. And our Gustavia (গুস্তাভিয়া) tree has the remedy for those poisons! Extract from the leaf can cure the intoxication of such poisons.

New leaf of the plant.

A Gustavia flower (গুস্তাভিয়া ফুল) has emerged directly from the wood.

A flower bud.

Photos of this attractive flowers were taken from the Romna park, Dhaka (রমনা পার্ক, ঢাকা) during March 2015. It was the Spring here in Bangladesh.

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  1. Esta fantastica flor,es muy exquisita y elije ante quien abrir sus petalos,solo se abre ante determinada especie de abeja para polinizarla,y es que esta vibra en una nota musical especial...sino es este tipo de abeja,esta flor no se abre...Maravillas de la naturaleza!!!!!

  2. A handsome flower. When would be the best time to catch it blooming at Ramna Park?

    1. I'd say Spring and first half of summer. February to May...