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Grey headed canary flycatcher (মেটেমাথা ক্যানারিচুটকি) - Culicicapa ceylonensis

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Bengali Name : মেটেমাথা ক্যানারিচুটকি
Common Name : Grey-headed canary-flycatcher.
Binomial/Scientific Name : Culicicapa ceylonensis
Family : Stenostiridae

Grey headed canary flycatcher is a small flycatcher bird that is also known as Grey headed flycatcher. It is a very small bird that doesn't have any suitable Bangla name (at least I don't know). But our experts have given a bookish name for the bird which is মেটেমাথা ক্যানারিচুটকি (somewhat near to the literal translation of the English name). This restless small bird's binomial name is Culicicapa ceylonensis and it belongs to the family Stenostiridae.

This is a very small bird that is having yellow at the underside. Back side is yellowish and olive colored. The wings are black but having stripes of yellow. Upper side of the tail is black, but the underside is grey in color. Upper portion of the bird (head, neck, throat) is grey in color. The eyes are larger compare to the bird's size and those are dark black and round shaped with a whitish circle outside.

Grey headed canary flycatcher birds are insectivore similar to other flycatcher birds. They prefer to live in humid and dark area of the forest. That's why it is very difficult to capture photo of this bird without a high quality camera. They may forage in a pair mostly, and also often form a mixed species foraging group.

During my observation I have found the bird in a shadow area and the bird was restlessly moving. But it always follows a pattern. For example it flies from the branch of the tree for a prey and then return back to the same position. It does this for several times and then changes its position (into another branch) and continues. It was amazing to watch the small bird making short but quick tries again and again for the preys. They are a supreme expert of catching flying insects like flies, wasps, etc.

Both sexes of the birds are similar from the outlook. The female uses to make the nest. This is can be a resident bird or a migratory bird here in Bangladesh. But the migration is known as short distance altitude migration (i.e. moving from the lower altitude forest to the higher altitude forest probably during breeding season).

Photos of this article were taken from the following locations during 2015:
1) 14 February 2015: Botanical Garden, Dhaka (বোটানিক্যাল গার্ডেন, ঢাকা).

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