Saturday, April 25, 2015

Goldenwave flower - Coreopsis tinctoria

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Bengali Name : ?
Common Name : Plains coreopsis, Goldenwave, Golden tickseed, etc.
Botanical Name : Coreopsis tinctoria
Synonym : Coreopsis elegans
Family : Asteraceae

Once again it is another flower from outside of our Bangladesh. Along with us in lot of countries this flower is a garden flower. But this is marked as a weed at where it is native, the North America. Obviously we do not have any Bengali name for this flower. But it has several common names like Plains coreopsis, Goldenwave, Golden tickseed, etc. Botanical name of this beautiful flower is Coreopsis tinctoria. It belongs to the plant family Asteraceae.

Goldenwave is an annual wildflower plant (though most of the plants from the genus Coreopsis are perennial). This is a very slim plant with slender leafs, looks to me too fragile but still standing straight. This plant grows very quickly and can reach 1-2 ft in height. It can tolerate the drought and dry condition easily.

Goldenwave flowers are too much showy and profusely bloom during the blooming season. It has around 8 yellow petals with maroon at near the center of the flower. It makes a maroon circle at the center of the flower. The yellow-orange stamens form a crown at the center of the flower (may be florets?). From the long stalk the petals are incline downwards (or towards the stalk) and that gives the flower a form of an umbrella. Flowers are hermaphrodite (having both male and female organ) and brings lot of slim seeds through which the plant resurrect again.

Though we plant this in our gardens but it is a weed and grows naturally at North American region. This is an aggressive plant, but not an invasive weed.

Photos of this article were taken from the Nursery that is beside the Romna Park, Dhaka (রমনা পার্ক, ঢাকা). It was my routine visit to the park and that time the month was March 2015.

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