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Goat weed (বন ধনিয়া ফুল) - Scoparia dulcis

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Bengali Name : Bon dhonia (বন ধনিয়া), bon dhone (বন ধনে).
Common Name : Goatweed, Weeet broom weed, etc.
Botanical Name : Scoparia dulcis
Family : Scrophulariaceae

There are lot of weeds plant around us and we hardly notice those. Few of those are too small plant and the flowers are even the tinniest one. One such weed plant is Goatweed or Sweet broom weed plant. In Bangla we call this as Bon dhone (বন ধনে) or Bon dhoniya (বন ধনিয়া). Botanical or binomial name of the plant is Scoparia dulcis. It belongs to the plant family Scrophulariaceae. This weed is found throughout the tropical and subtropical area.

Goatweed is an annual herb plant that grows as a weed here in Bangladesh. Plant is branched and can grow maximum one meter in height. The leafs are narrow linear but lens-like (or elliptic), having toothed and the petiole is too short. Stems are edged and probably rectangular. The leafs usually appear as a three around the stem.

The flowers of Goat weed (বন ধনিয়া ফুল) are in fact very minuscule. The color of the flower is white, bract is green, stamens are white, and the ovary is green. It has total four small white petals that holds numerous white stamens which looks like hairy. At the center it has the greenish ovary which is oval shaped. Flower occurs from the axil of the leaf and the stem.

The fruit of this weed is round shaped and having a similarity with the fruit of coriander that is locally known as Dhonia (ধনিয়া). That's why this weed is locally known as Bon Dhonia (বন ধনিয়া) means wild Dhonia (ধনিয়া).

Look at the leafs. It is having three leafs around the stem.

Despite of being a weed plant, this is full with medicinal uses. It has useful impact against the jaundice, ulcer, snake bite, stomachache, etc.

Bon dhonia (বন ধনিয়া) plant with fruits.

Bon dhonia (বন ধনিয়া) plant with fruits.

Bon dhonia (বন ধনিয়া) plant with fruits.

Bon dhonia (বন ধনিয়া) plant with fruits.

Photos of this article were taken from the botanical garden of the Agriculture University, Mymensingh (ময়মনসিংহ). It was the March 2013 when I have visited there. And later I have found few more with the fruits from Agargaon Agriculture University, Dhaka during April 2015.

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