Comilla: Palace of king Bhoj (ভোজ রাজার বিহার)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

This place is near to the Itakhola Mura (ইটাখোলা মুড়া) and previously I have visited that place during 2010 and didn't notice this one. In fact I didn't have any map on my cell phone that time. But this time I was having a sophisticated device and that shows an archaeological site near to this Itakhola Mura (ইটাখোলা মুড়া). So we have given a try to explore this area.

This archaeological site is known as Palace of king Bhoj (ভোজ রাজার বিহার) that falls inside the boundary of Army cantonment. I do not know much about its history but locally the site is known as Bhoj Rajar Bihar (ভোজ রাজার বিহার) or Bhoj bihar (ভোজ বিহার). It could be a praying place or a house of the King Bhoj (ভোজ). The whole premise is square shaped and having a central shrine at the middle.

We were tired when we have reached there due to the hot weather. We were sitting on top of the bihar (বিহার) and enjoying the silence. There weren't any tourists out there that time. During our staying we have seen only a group of boys were exploring the area and moved for another place quickly after their observation! Probably they didn't like the area.

How to Go:

This place is near from the BARD. If you read my article regarding of BARD then you'll find the required information that you are looking for. You have to enter inside the cantonment area through the check post. After that it will be on the left side of your. The gps coordinate is (23°26'31.39"N, 91° 7'53.94"E).

Palace of king Bhoj (ভোজ রাজার বিহার),
Village: Kotbari (কোটবাড়ি),
District: Comilla (কুমিল্লা জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (23°26'31.39"N, 91° 7'53.94"E)

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