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Climbing oleander (লতা করবী) - Strophanthus gratus

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Bengali Name : Lota korobi (লতা করবী)?
Common Name : Climbing oleander.
Botanical Name : Strophanthus gratus
Family : Apocynaceae (oleander family)

এটি পশ্চিম আফ্রিকার ফুল, বাংলায় কোন নাম নাই। করবী গোত্রের ফুল, আর দেখতেও অনেকটাই করবী ফুলের মতনই। গাছের কান্ড কিছুটা শক্ত পোক্ত হলেও কাষ্ঠল ও অন্য কোন গাছের বা কিছুর সহায়তায় খুব সহজেই বেড়ে উঠতে পারে লতানো গাছের মতন। তাই সবকিছু বিবেচনা করে আমি এই ফুলকে ডাকতে চাই 'লতা করবী' নামে। এটা আমার মনগড়া একটা নাম, কোথাও রেফেরেন্স হিসেবে ব্যবহার না করাই উত্তম হবে।

This flowering plant belongs to the West African region. But can be found as an ornamental flower at gardens or parks in many other countries like our Bangladesh. I have seen only one plant here in my country. English name of this attractive flower is Climbing oleander. Botanical name is Strophanthus gratus. It belongs to the family Apocynaceae (oleander family).

Climbing oleander doesn't have any Bengali name, but I'd like to call this as Lota Korobi (লতা করবী) as the plant is a climber vine (though woody), the flower is having a similarity with the Oleander flower, and also shares the same plant family Apocynaceae.

Climbing oleander is a woody climber or rambling shrubby plant and it can grow up to 25 feet with the support from a tree or similar thing. This is an evergreen plant having shinny smooth elliptic leafs (up to 6 inches long) which are oppositely arranged. Propagation of the plant can be done from the soft cutting.

Showy flowers of Climbing oleander (লতা করবী) are light pink or rosy in color. Flowers bloom as a cluster and having a mild fragrance. Flower is having a funnel shape at the base and having five petals on top of that. Petals are slightly twisted and get more twists when nearing to the wither. The bract and the tube looks similar to the Allamanda flower, that's why it has another common name that is Rose Allamanda. Flowers last for several days on tree and at later stages the center of the flower turns into coffee color.

The seed of this plant contains a chemical that is useful against heart attack treatment. Also a poison can be made from this plant.

Photos of this article were taken from the Romna park (রমনা পার্ক) of Dhaka during March and April of 2015. I didn't find any suitable Bengali name of the flower and the current Bengali name has given by me.

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