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Asian Pied Starling (গোবরে শালিক) - Gracupica contra

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Bengali Name : Gobor shalik (গোবর শালিক), Gu shalik (গু শালিক).
Common Name : Asian pied starling, Pied myna, etc.
Binomial/Scientific Name : Gracupica contra
Synonym : Sturnus contra
Family : Sturnidae
Photo taken : Bangladesh

আমাদের চারপাশে যে সকল কমন পাখি আছে তার মধ্যে গোবর শালিক বা গোবরে শালিক পাখি অন্যতম। গ্রামের বাড়ি ঘর বা ধান ক্ষেতের আশেপাশে দল বেধে চরে বেড়াতে দেখা যায়। পোকামাকড়ের পাশাপাশি এদেরকে গবাদি পশুর বিষ্ঠাও খুটতে দেখা যায়। যে কারনে পাখিটির এমন অদ্ভূত নাম গোবর শালিক। অনেক এলাকায় একে আবার গু শালিক পাখি বলেও ডাকা হয়। .পাখির গায়ে সাদা কালোর আধিক্য বেশি থাকলেও চোখ আর ঠোটের উজ্জল কমলা রং খুব সহজেই নজরে পরে।

We have lot of common birds in Bangladesh, but this Pied Myna bird is more than a common bird here. We use to see this bird a lot regardless the place (village, town, or forest). It belongs to the family Sturnidae and its binomial name is Gracupica contra. In English it has another name which is Asian Pied Starling. In Bengali we call this bird as Gobor shalik (গোবর শালিক), Gobre shalik (গোবরে শালিক), Gu shalik (গু শালিক), Go shalik (গো শালিক), etc. This bird is native to the South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Asian Pied Starling is mainly composed with black and white. The wings, back, head, and upper tail are black in color. The under side, behind the eyes (ear area) is white in color. Some part of the wings are also white and which is visible during the flight. The base of the beak is bright orange in color. The eyes are round and having an orange circle around. This bird looks more beautiful only for this small amount of orange (in my opinion).

Pied Myna (গোবরে শালিক) is a gregarious bird that uses to forage in a small group. They mostly collect their foods from the ground (grass or soil). It is mainly an insectivore bird (takes insects, earthworms, etc), mostly seen piercing the cow dungs or soil with their beak to search hidden foods. It is a very common scene to see this bird perching on the back of grazing animals. This is frequently seen around our villages where we have open fields, and wetlands.

A Pied myna (গোবর শালিক) is taking a bath.

The breeding season for this bird is March to September here in Bangladesh. Both sexes are similar in outlook. They use to collect straws and other nesting materials and build their nest by putting those loosely on the trees. That's why their nests look very large or bulky. They are not choosy for selecting a location for the nest (for example on thick branch). That's why their nests are an easy target for the kids in our village.

A Pied myna (গোবর শালিক) is taking a bath.

Pied Myna has several distinctive calls. Their calls are very high pitched. Both male and female can produce the calls.

A Pied myna (গোবর শালিক) is taking a bath.

A small group is foraging over small water hyacinth.

An Asian pied starling foraging at Mustard field.

An Asian pied starling foraging at Mustard field.

A small group is foraging over small water hyacinth.

A huge group of Pied myna (গোবর শালিক) are having a conference.

Probably it is making an alert call!

Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh during 2014 & 2015:
1) 25 October 2014: Botanical garden, Mirpur (বোটানিক্যাল গার্ডেন, মিরপুর)
2) 16 Nomevber 2014: Agarogaon, Dhaka (আগারগাঁও, ঢাকা),
3) 23 January 2015: Polashbari, Munsiganj (পলাশবাড়ী, মুন্সিগঞ্জ),
4) 07 March 2015: Uttora-18, Dhaka (উত্তরা-১৮, ঢাকা),

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