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White throated kingfisher (সাদা বুক মাছরাঙ্গা) - Halcyon smyrnensis

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Bengali Name : Sada Buk Machhranga (সাদা বুক মাছরাঙ্গা).
Common Name : White throated kingfisher, White breasted kingfisher, etc.
Scientific Name : Halcyon smyrnensis
Family : Halcyonidae

Today I am going to write about the White-throated kingfisher bird which is also known as White-breasted kingfisher. It is native to the Asian region (lower part of Asia). Similar to the other kingfisher birds in Bangladesh, this is known as Machhranga (মাছরাঙ্গা) in general. Scientific name of the bird is Halcyon smyrnensis from the family Halcyonidae.

Though it's a small bird, but it is a large kingfisher. The black side, wing, and the tail of the bird is bright blue in color. The shoulder, head, and lower portion of the front is chestnut color. The bill is much larger in size and the color is red (sometimes near to orange). The color of the foot is also red. The throat and breast's color is white (which is the reason for its English name). Both male and female birds are similar.

Though it is a kingfisher bird, but it doesn't rely on preying only the fishes. Rather the small reptiles, crabs, earthworms, insects are also in its dieting list along with the fishes and frogs. From the report its found that the bird sometimes try to prey on other small birds (or chicks) as well. And of course this bird is a natural expert fish catcher as it is a Kingfisher. They are accurate and extremely fast while preying. They can also hover for a short period of time on air.

As this bird is having a varied range of dieting, that's why it is also found far from the water as well. I have seen this bird at the middle of a jungle at Rema-Kalenga (রেমা-কালেঙ্গা) during my trekking. There were hardly any water near that place. They use to perch on open spaces like pole beside pond, electric wires, tree branch, etc.

White throated kingfisher birds are very noisy (specially during the breeding season). They use to make nest on the earth bank which can be beside a river, pond, or any other suitable places. The other birds of prey do not bother this kingfisher for it's long bill. In other word it doesn't have too many enemies.


Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh during 2014 & 2015:
1) 25 October 2014: Botanical Garden, Dhaka (বোটানিক্যাল গার্ডেন, ঢাকা).
2) 21 November 2014: Atkandi, Norshingdi (আটকান্দি, নরসিংদী).
3) 22 December 2014: Kukri-Mukri, Bhola (কুকরী-মুকরী, ভোলা).
4) 05 January 2015: Korapur, Barisal (কড়ারপুর, বরিশাল).

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