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Salt Heliotrope (নোনা হাতিশুর) - Heliotropium curassavicum var. obovatum

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Bengali Name : ?
Common Name : Seaside Heliotrope, Salt Heliotrope, etc.
Botanical Name : Heliotropium curassavicum var. obovatum
Family : Boraginaceae

Our today's flower is a weed flower that grows around the seashore mostly. I didn't find any suitable Bengali name for this tiny flower yet, but I'd like to call this as Nona Hatishur (নোনা হাতিশুর) as this flower is from the same genus of our regular Hatishur (হাতিশুর) flower (also the flowers are similar). It has several beautiful English name though. It can be called as Seaside Heliotrope, Salt Heliotrope, etc. It belongs to the plant family Boraginaceae and the botanical name is Heliotropium curassavicum var. obovatum. It is mainly native to the American region, but now a days it grows naturally around the tropical world.

It is a small herbaceous plant that grows around the lands beside sea area (sandy lands). The plant is a very small one which can grow up to 20/30 cm in height at its maximum. The whole plant is a juicy and succulent one. The leafs are having a surface of powdery salty thing which sometimes makes it bluish green.

Flowers bloom as a cluster (or possibly an inflorescence, i am not sure). The small stalk holds lot of tiny flowers which are white in color with a touch of yellow at the middle. Small flowers are slightly tubular and waxy. In my photo you can see the plant has grown on a cement beside the road.

Photos of this article were taken from the Nijhum Dwip. It was the month of November 2012. I was doing a cycle ride on a road there and found this tiny little plant with a flower beside. I tried a lot but couldn't able to take a macro shot of the flower.

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