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Red-wattled lapwing (হট্টিটি পাখি) - Vanellus indicus

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Bengali Name : Hottiti (হট্টিটি পাখি / হটটিটি পাখি).
Common Name : Red-wattled lapwing.
Binomial/Scientific Name : Vanellus indicus
Synonym : Hoplopterus indicus
Family : Charadriidae

'হট্টিটি' আমাদের গ্রাম বাংলার একটা পাখি। আগে প্রচুর দেখা গেলেও এখন এদের সংখ্যা কমতে শুরু করেছে। সাধারণত নদীর ধারের কাদামাটির মতন নরম এলাকাতেই এদের বেশি ঘুরঘুর করতে দেখা যায়। পায়ের আঙ্গুলের কারণে গাছের ডালে বসতে পারেনা। খুব সুন্দর আর পরিপাটি দেখতে এই পাখিটি। প্রথম নজরেই চোখে পরে এর ঠোটের আর চোখের সামনের লাল অংশ। মাটিতেই কোনরকমে বাসা বানিয়ে ডিম পাড়া এই পাখি ডাকে 'হট-টি-টি হট-টি-টি' বলে। বাংলায় নাম লেখার সময় একে হটটিটি ও লেখা হয়। আমি ঠিক নিশ্চিত নই, কিন্তু সম্ভবত 'হাট্টিমাটিম টিম' কবিতাটি এই পাখিকে নিয়েই লেখা।

Red-wattled lapwing is a very attractive bird that is mostly seen around our southern part of Bangladesh. It has several names in Bangladesh, but most frequently used name is Hottiti (হট্টিটি), though I found this Bengali name Laal lotika hottiti (লাল লতিকা হট্টিটি) on internet as well. Its binomial name is Vanellus indicus along with few synonyms. It belongs to the family Charadriidae.

It is a wader bird (means having long leg) that is mostly seen around the bank of the river or the wetlands. It's mostly seen around the Southern part of our Bangladesh and a very few in numbers are seen at other parts of our country. But worldwide it's range is varied from the Western to Eastern Asia through our South Asia.

This is a very attractive bird. Back at the head, breast, and few portion of the wing and tail is black in color. Lower portion of the front side is white along with the neck side. The wing is light brown in color with a shade of purple. But the most eye catching part of the bird is it's red wattle in front of the eyes. Also the beak is red in color with a black at the tip. eye color is red with a small pupil at the middle. The eyes are having a red circle around. This circle along with the red wattle makes it as if it is wearing a red spectacle. Long legs are yellow in color. Both male and female are similar in terms of the outlook.

Though the bird is beautiful, but it is very lazy to make a nest. It just makes a lazy nest on the ground and lays eggs on there. The color of the eggs are camouflaged with the color of the soil. Since they make the nest directly on ground, the predators like mongoose, kites, etc are a great threat for them. This bird can distract the predators from the nest by feigning.

Red-wattled lapwing (হট্টিটি) mainly moves in a pair or in a very small group. Small insects like ants, beetles, snails and other invertebrates are their favorite diet. They take their meal mostly during the day time as they are diurnal.

The call of the Red-wattled lapwing very loud and high pitched. The call is like 'Hot-ti-ti Hot-ti-ti'. Our Bengali name has taken from that call. Other birds and animals nearby trust on that call and they take that call as an alarm for the predators or hunters. But as per the experts, this bird can produce different other calls which they use for different purposes.

Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh during 2014 & 2015:
1) 19 December 2014: Kukri-Mukri, Bhola (কুকরী-মুকরী, ভোলা).
2) 06 March 2015: Uttora sector-18, Dhaka (উত্তরা সেক্টর-১৮, ঢাকা).

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