Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Palm Grass Flower - Molineria capitulata

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Common Name : Palm grass flower.
Botanical Name : Molineria capitulata
Synonym : Curculigo capitulata
Family : Hypoxidaceae

Palm grass flower is naturally available around the hilly area in Bangladesh (from my observation). Previously I have seen this a lot at Khagrachhori (খাগড়াছড়ি), Rangamati (রাঙামাটি), Bandarban (বান্দরবান) during my trekking. But never seen this in our plain land. I didn't find any authentic Bengali name for this flower. But it has a nice English name that is Palm grass flower. It belongs to the plant family Hypoxidaceae, and it's botanical name is Molineria capitulata. It is native to the Himalayan range, Eastern Asia, and Australia.

In Bangladesh, we mostly see this plant growing small and with one flower most of the times, and a group of 2/3 flowers rarely. But in Nepal I have seen this plant bringing lot of flowers at it's base and formed a bizarre shape in place of withered flowers. Probably that could be a reason for not taking any shot of the flowers as a group (I still feel regret for not making any click, alas!).

In Bangladesh it is a small growing plant, but in other parts (i.e. Indonesia) it can be a much bushy plant (mainly the leafs and the petioles those emerges from the base) that doesn't have any trunk. Flowers are small, star shaped, yellow color, and six petals from my observation. They blooms from the base of the plant. The rhizome can remain dormant over a long period time despite of adverse condition.

The name palm grass is because of the leafs. They look like the young palm leafs (after palm seeding). Though it grows naturally, in some country it is being handled as an ornamental flowering plant.

Photos of this article were taken from Rema-Kalenga Reserve Forest, Hobigang (রেমা-কালেঙ্গা রিসার্ভ ফরেস্ট, হবিগঞ্জ) during April 2013. It was a single day trekking during the summer.

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