Migratory birds in Jahangirnogor

Friday, 28 November 2014

A Bronze winged jacana.

Jahangirnogor University (জাহাঙ্গীরনগর ইউনিভার্সিটি) is a very good place for birding as it has lot of trees and bird friendly environment inside the premise. Apart from those common birds, there use to be lot of migratory birds during the winter season. 5/10 years back there were lot of birds gathering during winter, but recently their numbers are decreasing. It is probably because of the environmental pollution, and unfriendly behavior of our human beings. This weekend I have decided to visit this university to observe the migratory birds.

Common kingfisher.

I took a double decker bus from Gulistan (গুলিস্তান) at 12:30pm. It was a supper local bus and dropped me near at the university at 2:30pm. It was the first time I was entering inside this university premise. After a short walking I have reached near the migratory bird lakes. I expected to see thousands of birds chirping there. But it was only few.

Lesser whistling duck swimming in pond.

There are two lakes which the migratory birds chose to stay. I have stayed beside both of the lakes for a while. During my short staying I have seen the sky patrolling Asian openbill stork, Grey Heron, Great Egret, etc birds. And in the water I have observed the Lesser whistling ducks were swimming freely. Mainly they were the most numbered bird on there along with few little cormorants, White breasted waterhen, Bronze winged jacana, etc.

Little cormorant.

It was a nice scene to watch the jacana and the waterhen birds. They were walking from one lily leaf to another lily leaf and looking for the small snails which were coming over the leaf. Both of the birds are having very long feet with long fingers. I have never seen these birds from such a close distance before.

Bronze winged jacana.

This tour was only for the migratory bird observation, that's why I didn't go for the common birds. That area was profound with plenty of common birds. In fact I have seen few of those.

Lesser whistling duck swimming in pond.

I caught another similar bus in front of the University gate and this time it required few minutes less to return back to the Dhaka. From the second floor of my bus seat I have enjoyed the sunset during my returning journey.

White breasted waterhen.

How to go:

There are lot of buses use to go beside the Jahangirnogor University which starts from Gulistan and Gabtoli. You can take any of those. From Gulistan it will take around 90 minutes and from Gabtoli it will take around 40 minutes to reach at the University gate. Alternately you can hire a CNG driven auto rickshaw. From Gabtoli it should take around 250 Taka. GPS coordinate of dropping point is (23°52'47.50"N, 90°16'23.20"E).

After leaving the bus you need to have a stroll for 5-8 minutes reach near the migratory birdwatching lakes. The GPS coordinate of the place is (23°53'0.57"N, 90°16'4.21"E).

A juvenile Bronze winged jacana.

A juvenile Bronze winged jacana.

A flock of Lesser whistling duck resting.

A flock of Lesser whistling duck resting.

A Little cormorant is drying its wing.

Another day is about to have an end.

Migratory birdwatching during winter,
Jahangirnogor University,
Upazela: Savar,
District: Dhaka,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate: (23°53'0.57"N, 90°16'4.21"E)

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