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Fringed-lipped Dendrobium (অর্কিড) - Dendrobium fimbriatum

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Bengali Name : অর্কিড ফুল
Common Name : Fringed-lipped Dendrobium.
Botanical Name : Dendrobium fimbriatum
Family : Orchidaceae (orchid family)

This is an orchid flower that is native to the China and Eastern Asian region. It's English name is Fringed-lipped Dendrobium for it's fringe-like round shaped petals at the middle of the flower. This flower may found in our country Bangladesh, but I don't know any suitable Bengali name for it. Botanical name of this orchid is Dendrobium fimbriatum and it belongs to the orchid family Orchidaceae.

Similar to the other orchids, this Fringed lipped orchid is also an epiphyte (grows over another plant and it is not a parasite). The pendulous plant is with a shorter stem and middle portion of the stem is thicker. The leafs are long and having lens like shape. A mature plant turns into yellowish green in color.

The stem can be shorter, but the flowering stalk of this orchid is much longer. Around the long stalk it brings several small cluster of yellow-orange colored flowers. Flower is having a soft fringe like lip at the middle, that's why it is called as Fringed lipped Dendrobium. It has a small chestnut color at the middle of that lip. The flower has an unpleasant fragrance. It blooms in between March and May.

This plant is a popular ornamental flowering plant for it's lively color only. It is possible to bring flower into this orchid other than the blooming season with a proper care.

Photos of this article were taken from the Godawari Botanical Garden, Nepal during May 2014.

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