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Coppersmith barbet (বসন্তবৌরি) - Megalaima haemacephala

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Bengali Name : Boshonto Bouri (বসন্ত বৌরি), Boshontobouri (বসন্তবৌরি).
Common Name : Coppersmith barbet.
Binomial/Scientific Name : Megalaima haemacephala
Family : Megalaimidae

Coppersmith barbet is a small but very common bird from Bangladesh. This colorful bird is native to Indian subcontinent and the East Asian region. In Bangladesh we call this bird as Boshonto Bouri (বসন্তবৌরি), Sekra Boshonto (সেকর বসন্ত), etc. Its binomial name is Megalaima haemacephala, and it belongs to the family Megalaimidae.

Coppersmith barbet (বসন্তবৌরি) is a very beautiful and colorful bird. The upper portion of the bird including the wings, back, and tail is green. The breast and belly of the bird is faded green with heavily streaked with green. That's why it seems like a green bird. This bird's neck is shorter and the head is colorful. It has a red forehead, after that it is slightly black, and then the green head. The eye has a black line and either side of the line are having a small patch of yellow color. The throat is yellow, after that a red patch and then a yellowish green patch. The beak is black and large enough compare to the size of the bird. Coppersmith barbet (বসন্তবৌরি) has large mustache around the base of the beak.

Boshonto Bouri (বসন্তবৌরি) is a fruit eating bird. That's why it is mostly seen around the trees which are having fruits. The Banyan tree is their common foraging area during its fruiting season. They use to forage alone or with a pair most of the time. Apart from the fruits it also takes insect like beetle, cricket, etc.

The call of the bird is tuk-tuk-tuk which is similar to the beating of a copper smith. That's why it is named as Coppersmith barbet. Their cal can be heard from a long distance. They can produce around 110-120 tuk calls per minute. It just keep calling and calling which is sometime monotonous. The beak remains closed during the calling and this bird does not call at all during the winter.

The bird Boshontobouri (বসন্তবৌরি) builds their nest on the holes of a tree. The female mainly excavates the hole on a soft or dead portion of a tree, and later both male and female use to modify/clear the nest. They also use the nest for roosting.

A Coppersmith barbet (বসন্তবৌরি) is riping a ripe fruit.

A Coppersmith barbet (বসন্তবৌরি) is cleaning its beak on a branch.

Notice the long mustache around the base of the bean.

The streaked line with heavy green is visible on front.

My first view of this bird at Keraniganj (কেরানীগঞ্জ).

Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh during 2014 & 2015:
1) 16 December 2014: Keraniganj, Dhaka (কেরানীগঞ্জ, ঢাকা),
2) 13 February 2015: High court, Dhaka (হাই কোর্ট, ঢাকা).
3) 14 February 2015: Mirpur Beribadh, Dhaka (মিরপুর বেড়িবাধ, ঢাকা).

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