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Chestnut-tailed starling (কাঠ শালিক) - Sturnia malabarica

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Bengali Name : Kath Shalik (কাঠ শালিক), Badami Shalik (বাদামী শালিক), etc.
Common Name : Chestnut-tailed starling, Grey-headed myna, etc.
Scientific Name : Sturnia malabarica
Synonym : Temenuchus malabaricus
Family : Sturnidae

This is another common bird from Bangladesh that is found everywhere, wandering around the trees, and you need to be more careful to locate this bird, otherwise it will remain invisible to you. Its name is Chestnut-tailed starling, Grey-headed myna, etc. In Bangladesh we call this as Kath Shalik (কাঠ শালিক). At some places this is also known as Badami Shalik (বাদামী শালিক), Shonkho Shalik (শঙ্খ শালিক), etc. It's scientific name is Sturnia malabarica and belongs to the family Sturnidae.

Chestnut-tailed starling is the smallest starling bird from Bangladesh. And similar to many other birds from Bangladesh, this one is also native the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asian region. This is a gregarious bird and prefers to live inside the woods and leafs (in other word, a shy bird).

Both male and female Chestnut-tailed starling (কাঠ শালিক) birds are similar. Upper part of the bird (head, back, wing) is greyish and the front side and the inner tail is chestnut colored. The color of the beak is yellow/orange at near the opening and pale blue at the base. It has four fingers in foot and the color of foot is similar to the front's color.

Chestnut-tailed starling is an omnivorous bird, which means it eats everything starting from the insect to nectar. Initial photos of this article were taken from Chandpur (চাঁদপুর) during winter. A flock of these birds were busy with collecting sap from a date-palm tree.

Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh during 2015:
1) 17 January 2015: Lohagor, Chandpur (লোহাগড়, চাঁদপুর).

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