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Bread flower (রামসর ফুল) - Vallaris solanacea

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Bengali Name : Ramsor ful (রামসর ফুল), Hapormali ful (হাপরমালী ফুল).
Common Name : Bread flower.
Botanical Name : Vallaris solanacea
Family : Apocynaceae

Ramsor ful (রামসর ফুল) was a naturally growing flowering plant in Bangladesh once upon a time. But now a days it is a rare plant in here. Only few of the gardens hold this plant (and you can count those with your fingers). It has another local name which is Hapormali ful (হাপরমালী ফুল). In English this flower is known as Bread flower. It belongs to the plant family Apocynaceae. Its botanical name is Vallaris solanacea. This plant is native to the South Asia and South East Asian region.

Ramsor (রামসর ফুল) is a woody climbing shrubby plant that is having broad elliptic evergreen leafs. Leafs are oppositely arranged and produce sap when they are torn. Leafs are having a sweet fragrance similar to the flowers.

Blooming season for this Ramsor (রামসর) flower is mainly the Spring (in Bangladesh). It is a white or creamy colored flower and having a shape of a cup (with five petals). Flowers bloom as a cluster and the cluster emerges from the axil of the leaf and the stem. The fragrant of the Ramsor (রামসর) flower is similar to the fragrance of newly cooked rice.

This beautiful flowering plant has few medicinal uses as well. The latex of the plant can be used against the ringworm along with other skin infections.

This plant requires full sunlight for growing. And the propagation can be done using the stem cutting. It is a popular ornamental flowering plant in South East Asia.

Woody climber over an arc.

Photos of this article were taken from the botanical garden of the Agriculture University, Mymensingh (ময়মনসিংহ). It was the March 2013 when I have visited there.

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