Bagerhat: Khan Jahan Ali Mazar (খান জাহান আলী মাজার)

Saturday, 03 January 2015

A mosque inside the Mazar (মাজার) complex.

Throughout the day it was bright, sunny, and terribly hot. It was winter, and out of nothing the clouds were gathering above us. We were expecting a heavy shower sooner or later (you can have a hint from the clouds of the photos of this article). After visiting the Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) we have decided to visit the Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali (খান জাহান আলী মাজার). It was very near from that place. We have parked our car in front of the Mazar complex and started exploring the area. I have been there twice before in last 15 years.

Mazar (মাজার), and the right side one is the mosque.

The whole Mazar (মাজার) complex has two main edifices (one is a mosque, and another one is a tomb) along with a large water tank and few graves. The right side complex is the tomb. People believe that the tomb has grave inside and it could be of Khan Jahan Ali (খান জাহান আলী) who was a saint general of 15th century. But many scholars though doubt about it (they believe it's someone else). As a traveler, it is not my duty to verify this. On an inscription it is written that he died at 24-25 October of 1459. Lot of people use to come here everyday for praying. People call this as Mazar (মাজার).

Single dome mosque. Not painted totally yet!

The architecture of the tomb is similar to any contemporary single dome mosque of that time. Right now the authority has painted the tomb with white and pink. That means it lost it's antiquity totally (or you have to wait for a washout of the paints). Previously only the men were allowed to enter inside for prayer (not sure about current situation). During this visit I didn't enter inside.

The large pond near the Mazar (মাজার).

There is a mosque available at the western side of the mosque. It is having a similar shape and size. For this case the authority has painted the dome only. So the red walls are visible here from the Southern and Western side. Around the mosque and the Mazar (মাজার) there are lot of graves exists which could be from that period. The entrance of the mosque premise was locked. That's why we couldn't enter inside the premise.

Front side of the Mazar (মাজার). You can see we have parked our car there too!

There is a very large water tank exists at the Southern side of the mosque. Visitors use to take a bath here as they think this could be a holy one and it could cure their sickness (or any disease from which they are suffering). 600 years back there were two crocodiles in this pond named Kalapahar (কালাপাহাড়) and Dholapahar (ধলাপাহাড়) owned by Khan Jahan Ali (খান জাহান আলী). Their offspring were existed even till 2005. But nothing left these days anymore.

One of the three entrances for the Mazar (মাজার).

Though most of the visitors pay a visit here for praying purpose. But lot of picnic parties use to come here (i.e. study tour). If you visit this place during Friday or Saturday, then you'll find such activities there.

How to Go:

Once again this is another landmark from the Bagerhat district (বাগেরহাট জেলা). First come to Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট) or Khulna (খুলনা). Then come to the Khan Jahan Ali (খান জাহান আলী) bus stoppage which is just a few steps walking distance from the Mazar (মাজার). GPS coordinate of the Mazar (মাজার) complex is (22°39'38.81"N, 89°45'30.54"E).

View of the Mazar (মাজার) from North-East corner.

Where to Stay:

Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট) is very near from the Khulna (খুলনা) town. Around 40 minutes of drive at maximum. And Khulna (খুলনা) is a divisional district. It has several international standard hotels along with plenty of cheap hotels. You can check in those for your night staying. I have stayed at the Royal International Hotel, an old and famous hotel from Khulna. And I always go for the old but famous hotels. The reason is, they are always classy, and everyone knows about location. Just ask anyone from Khulna (খুলনা) about this hotel from anywhere around there :-).

View of the Mazar (মাজার) and Mosque in a same frame.

The mosque along with few graves.

The mosque along with few graves.

It was the day-2 of our four days trip at Southern Bangladesh. We have traveled Barisal (বরিশাল), Jhalokathi (ঝালকাঠি), Pirojpur (পিরোজপুর), Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট), and Khulna (খুলনা) in those days.

Khan Jahan Ali Mazar (খান জাহান আলী মাজার),
Union: Shat Gombuz (ষাটগুম্বুজ),
Upazela: Bagerhat Sadar (বাগেরহাট সদর),
District: Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (22°39'38.81"N, 89°45'30.54"E)

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