Botanical Garden at Early Morning - Dhaka

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Botanical garden of Dhaka is located at the Mirpur (মিরপুর) area. The environment inside the garden will not be a pleasant one during the noon or afternoon. These days it is nothing but a dating place. Gentle people always avoid this place during the later part of the day. A botanical garden should have to be rich with flower collection, but our one is rich with filthy activities from the dating couples along with the vagabonds. And yet no one is taking any initiative to resolve this.

A road inside the botanical garden.

But the scene is totally different during the morning. Lot of health conscious people use to have a morning walk inside the garden. Hence the environment is good that time. And also, during the morning it is the best time for birding. So I have decided to make a birdwatching trip inside the garden with my mates.

Another road inside the botanical garden.

We have entered inside the garden premise within 6:45am of the morning. It was very early for me. Inside the premise we have found a pair of Black Kite (ভুবন চিল) were perching on a leafless tree. There was a small squirrel playing around the small branches of a small tree. A flock of Asian Pied Starling (গোবরে শালিক) were foraging at the ground for their breakfast.

A Black Kite (ভুবন চিল).

We have found an area which was having large trees and was darker for the dense leafs. The area was filled with the fragrance from the Devil Tree (ছাতিম ফুল). It was sweet and the air was too much heavy for that. Beside the tree there was a Cannonball flower (নাগলিঙ্গম ফুল) tree which was my first time observation with a camera.

A Black Kite (ভুবন চিল).

Beside the place the garden was having tall trees. It was having a huge noise that was producing from the Fruitbats. They were plenty and were hanging from the trees upside down. Few of those large sized bats were trying to instigate the partner by licking the genital. It wasn't safe to stand underneath them as they were pooping frequently.

A squirrel on the tree.

There is a small lake available at the Eastern corner of the garden. But it was totally covered with small water hyacinths in such a way that no water was visible (though that is under those lush green). It was looking like a green carpet, and a flock of Asian Pied Starling were foraging on that carpet.

Asian Pied Starling (গোবরে শালিক).

Later we have headed for the pond area of the garden and we have observed the White Throated Kingfisher (মাছরাঙ্গা), Black Hooded Oriole (হলদে পাখি), Jungle Babler (ছাতারে), Spotted Dove (তিলা ঘুঘু) from there. Also that portion was exactly beside the Zoo, and the Lion (or tiger) was making a frightening roaring sound. Beside the pond it has a thick forest with walking paths. This part was too much dark despite of having full sunlight. And a nice hideout for the birds as well.

I have seen the Changeable Rose (স্থল পদ্ম) flower plant many times, but never seen with a flower on it. The Botanical garden has several plants and found with blooming. Apart from these, the garden is rich with butterflies and the dragonflies. Also, the garden has a large collection of rare trees (but most of the cases the nameplates were missing).

After completing our watching, we have headed for the Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর) near Dhaka to explore the flowering cultivation. But before leaving the Botanical Garden, we have found an Indian Lizard Monitor (গুই সাপ) that was crawling around lazily.

Chhatim phul & Moth (ছাতিম ফুল ও মথ).

How to Go:

Botanical Garden is located at the Mirpur (মিরপুর) area of Dhaka. You can come to the garden's gate using any CNG driven auto rickshaw from anywhere in Dhaka. GPS coordinate of the Botanical Garden's gate is (23°48'44.68"N, 90°20'51.56"E).

A Goldenback Woodpecker (বাংলা কাঠঠোকরা).

When to Visit:

No matter you are here for bird or exploring, it will be better to visit this within 7:00am to 10:00 am of the morning. It will be safe, and embarrassment free for you.

Hanging Fruitbats or Megabats.

Entry fee:

It requires to buy a ticket for 10 Taka that will allow you to stay for the whole day inside there.

Natural crafts.

Sunbeam through the trees inside the botanical garden.

A Black Drongo (ফিঙে পাখি).

Asian Pied Starling (গোবরে শালিক).

A lake is covered with small water hyacinths.

Hijol phul & Moth (হিজল ফুল ও মথ).

Hijol phul (হিজল ফুল).

White Breasted Waterhen (ডাহুক পাখি).

Asian Pied Starling (গোবরে শালিক).

Natural craft work!

A pond inside the botanical garden.

A White Throated Kingfisher (মাছরাঙ্গা পাখি).

Pink Waterlily.

A Black Hooded Oriole (হলদে পাখি).

A Pied Paddyfield Skimmer.

A Jungle Babbler bird.

Bamboo garden inside the botanical garden.

Bamboo garden inside the botanical garden.

White Waterlily.

A toad inside the water.

A Red Dragonfly (লাল ফড়িং).

A Red Dragonfly (লাল ফড়িং).

A Butterfly with it's display of color.

A flower from Bean family, Legumineuse

A Spotted Dove (তিলা ঘুঘু).

A female Papaya flower.

An Indian Lizard Monitor (গুই সাপ).

Wild Mushroom (ব্যাং এর ছাতা).

A view inside the Botanical Garden, Dhaka.

Botanical Garden at Early Morning (খুব সকালের বোটানিক্যাল গার্ডেন),
Mirpur (মিরপুর),
District: Dhaka (ঢাকা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (23°48'44.68"N, 90°20'51.56"E)

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