Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Black Drongo (ফিঙে পাখি) - Dicrurus macrocercus

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Bengali Name : Finge (ফিঙে পাখি), Kalo Finge (কালো ফিঙে).
Common Name : Black Drongo.
Scientific Name : Dicrurus macrocercus
Family : Dicruridae (drongo family)

Today my article is about another Common bird from the country Bangladesh. It is known as Black Drongo in English. It is native throughout the whole Asian region. In Bangladesh this is known as Finge Pakhi (ফিঙে পাখি), Kalo Finge (কালো ফিঙে), etc. Scientific name of this bird is Dicrurus macrocercus and belongs to the family Dicruridae.

This is a pitch black bird but still look beautiful for it's shape and size, specially the long fork shaped tail. The whole part of the bird's body is black. It has a tiny white spot at the base of the beak (mouth opening) that will help to identify the bird more easily. Both male and female birds are similar and difficult to distinguish. Juveniles are having whitish spot on the belly and the vent. Also, the juveniles are having a shorter tail initially.

Notice the white rictal spot at the base of the bill (near under the eye). Using this white spot it is easy to identify a Black Drongo.

Black Drongo (ফিঙে পাখি) birds are extremely aggressive bird and defend their territory strongly. To do so, they are even not daunted by the larger birds compare to their size (i.e. Kite, Crow, etc). For this behavior they are also known as King Crow. As they defend their territory from the predators, the small other birds use to build their nest around Black Drongo for safety.

It is a normal sized bird having a length of 28 cm (including the tail). It's feet are short and that's why it uses to perch in an upright position. They mainly feed on the insects and can catch the flying insects easily. They are often seen perching on the back of the grazing cattle.

Perching in upright position for it's short feet.

Black Drongo is a friendly bird for the farmers. They use to forage around the fields for the insects. In several part of Bangladesh, the agriculture officers encourage the farmers to put perching stick around the field so that the Black Drongo (along with other birds) can sit on there and hunt the insects. This technique is nature friendly, and also the crops are chemical free.

Sometimes they share the same foraging territory with Myna, Cattle Egret, etc birds. But they do not snatch the meal from them. Sometimes Black Drongo mimics the call of Shikra (a bard of prey) to intimidate the Myna and then takes control of the meal.

An immature Black Drongo that is having whitish vent and belly.

Amongst the two, the upper one is the juvenile as it is having whitish belly and vent.

Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh during 2014 and 2015:
1) 23 January 2015: Munsiganj (মুন্সীগঞ্জ).
2) 17 January 2015: Chandpur (চাঁদপুর).
3) 19 December 2014: Kuri Mukri, Bhola (কুকরী মুকরী, ভোলা).
4) October 2014: Dhaka (ঢাকা).

This article has written by Lonely Traveler,
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