Dhaka: Flower Cultivation at Sadullapur

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর) is very near from Dhaka and its a very ideal place for a day trip. A large quantity of Dhaka's flower supply comes from this area. Main flowering crop from here is the rose (though they also cultivate other flowers, but only few). Most of the spaces from this area are occupied with the rose gardens. And only few seasonal vegetable cultivation were found.

At the early morning we have gone for Bird watching from the Botanical garden. After that we have decided to visit the rose flower cultivation from the Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর). It was very near from there. So we have reached at the Diabari Ghat (দিয়াবাড়ী ঘাট) to catch the engine boat for the Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর). It was a public transport and per person it takes only 20 Taka. During the dry season the boat uses to run through the serpentine river. But when the river is flooded, the boat can easily draw a straight line between the source and the destination to skip unnecessary wandering. For this reason it takes only 30 minutes to reach at Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর) by boat during this season, but it takes more than an hour during the dry season.

After reaching the Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর) we have started wandering through the roads, sideways, and sometimes through the bank of the wetlands. I was looking for the birds along with the rose gardens. Most of the places were occupied by the rose plants. Few of the gardens were having roses bloomed overwhelmingly, and few were about to bloom. But the farmers seemed careful about the gardens regardless the flowers.

The soil from this area is somewhat red in color and few of the lands are higher than our average land height. From my understanding, its probably hard for irrigation and that's why they have chosen to cultivate flowers in this land. Along with the flowers, they have also planted the palm trees in between the lands. The village was having several wet lands (most of those were generated from the overflowing of the river Turag). We have had a walking around the bank of those wetlands.

I have seen thousands of roses from the market, but never seen millions of roses in a garden. It was a nice experience for me. At the end of the exploration I was too tired and rested under a tree for around 30 minutes. In front of me was the green garden having red roses were atop.

We have wanted to have a swim inside the river water before returning from there. But somehow we have changed our mind from doing that. But trust me, the river water was good, and we could have had a swim easily over there!

A nice shady place around the Hijol trees.

How to Go:

Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর) is very near from the Dhaka city. Anyone from Dhaka can go there and return in the same day. There are few public boat transportation available from the Diabari Ghat (দিয়াবাড়ী ঘাট) near Mirpur (মিরপুর). Those boats use to leave for Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর) in every 30 minutes or so. And its only 20 Taka per person. During the rainy season the boat follows a straight line and it means less time required (around 30-45 minutes). And during the dry season it follows through the meandered Turag river (তুরাগ নদী) and takes much more time.

GPS Coordinate of the Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর) is approximately (23°49'57.38"N, 90°19'13.09"E). And the GPS Coordinate of the Diabari Ghat (দিয়াবাড়ী ঘাট) is (23°47'55.21"N, 90°20'35.66"E).

Google map snapshot.

A fisherman is looking for a suitable place to set his fishing wheel.

Small amount of water before the upcoming winter.

Hijol tree (হিজল গাছ).

Farmers are busy to prepare the winter vegetable cultivation.

A fisherman is busy with placing his fishing net.

Same fisherman is checking his net for the fishes.

A lonely fisherman is waiting for the fish to take the bait.

An empty fishing boat.

A lonely tree.

For a few empty boats more.

For a few empty boats more.

A mom sheep with her babies.

A cowboy is giving a bath to his cows.

An array of palm trees after the rose garden.

A date tree at the middle of rose garden.

Flower Cultivation at Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর),
Sadullapur (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর),
Dhaka (ঢাকা),
Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (23°49'57.38"N, 90°19'13.09"E)

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