Exploring River Turag - Dhaka

Saturday, 25 October 2014

River Turag (তুরাগ নদী) is an upper tributary river of the Burigonga river (বুড়িগঙ্গা নদী), and flows beside the Dhaka. I had a plan to wander around the river using a boat, but it never happened. The condition of the river is not good during the dry season. It uses to be polluted severely, and the water seems black in most of the places with a pungent smell. So my previous plan was to visit this during the rainy season to avoid the black, and odor.

Fortunately enough it was the month of October, and just after the Rainy season. The river and it's proximity areas are started to dry up, but still remaining few. I have gone to visit the Rose Cultivation from Sadullapur and used the water transport to go there and return back. It was a public transport and there were other people around us (mostly villagers). And most importantly, it navigates throw the river Turag (তুরাগ নদী).

The river Turag (তুরাগ নদী) uses to inundate it's both bank during the rainy season. Though the river is a narrow one, but for this inundation it looks like a massive river during this time. Lot of fishermen use to catch fish from this river. But due to the pollution (from industry around) the count of fish decreasing day by day. That's why those fishermen are struggling these days for fishing and migrating into other occupations for living.

How to Go:

There are lot of places around the river from where you can hire a boat for the daylong trip. You can hire both engine driven, or manual labor driven boat for the trip. I have used the public transport boat from the Diabari Ghat (দিয়াবাড়ী ঘাট) near Mirpur (মিরপুর), and it cost only 20 Taka per person up to the Sadullapur ghat (সাদুল্ল্যাপুর ঘাট). It was around 30-45 minutes of journey for one way trip. GPS coordinate of the ghat is (23°47'55.21"N, 90°20'35.66"E). You can even board on in any other boats which leave the Ghat for many different destinations.

Best time for visit:

Actually you can explore the river in any season. This river is navigable throughout the year. But to avoid the polluted black water, best time will be from the starting of June to the end of October. You can even enjoy your swimming in the river that time.

This is another public boat that was coming from other direction. These are cheaper and service is good.

River Turag (তুরাগ নদী),
Dhaka (ঢাকা),
Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (23°47'55.21"N, 90°20'35.66"E)

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