Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Changeable Rose (স্থল পদ্ম) - Hibiscus mutabilis

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Bengali Name : Sthol Poddo (স্থল পদ্ম).
Common Name : Changeable Rose, Cotton Rose, Chinese Rose, etc.
Botanical Name : Hibiscus mutabilis
Family : Malvaceae

This flower has several common names in English such as Changeable rose, Cotton rose, Chinese rose, etc. This flower is native to the China. Not too much seen in Bangladesh (mostly at the botanical gardens, or park areas in our towns). In Bengali we call it Sthol Poddo (স্থল পদ্ম). Botanical name is Hibiscus mutabilis, and it belongs to the plant family Malvaceae.

This delicately beautiful Changeable rose plant is a perennial, but deciduous. It is a shrubby plant and can grow up to a height of 3 meter. Leafs are large, rough foliage, and the petioles of the leaf are long. The growing rate of the plant is very fast (probably because its a deciduous plant).

Sthol Poddo (স্থল পদ্ম) is a very beautiful eye catching flower with the ability of changing it's color with the progress of the time. Initially the flower blooms as white (or light pink in color) and later it changes it's color into deep pink (or purple) in maximum three days period (though mostly it happens in a single day). Flower can be double or single (in my article all are double). Flower has a mild fragrance.

Photos of this article were taken from the Dhaka Botanical Garden during October 2014. Wait, I didn't go there for flowers, rather it was a birdwatching field trip.

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