Friday, January 16, 2015

Ceibo flower - Erythrina crista

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Common Name : Ceibo flower, Cockspur Coral Tree, etc.
Botanical Name : Erythrina crista
Family : Fabaceae

Ceibo (Spanish name) is a foreign flower that is mainly native to South American region (more specifically Argentina, Uruguay, etc). It has an English name 'Cockspur Coral Tree'. I have never seen this flower before. Not sure if it exists in Bangladesh (parks/gardens) or not. Botanical name is Erythrina crista and belongs to the family Fabaceae (bean family).

Ceibo is a small tree plant that is having average height of 5-8 meter (sometimes can grow up to 10 meter). The stem is woody, and grows in irregular shape. And branches with spines that forms a layer without any regular form use to die after the flowering. Leafs are trifoliate, not glossy but having a smooth foliage. From a large petiole from the stem, another three petioles hold three leafs.

The flowers are inflorescence and red in color, borne from the axil of the petiole and stem. It looks like any other similar bean flowers from the family Fabaceae. The sepal is red (or faded) in color. In my photos few are having red at inner side and faded red at the outer sides (may be these are mature sepals?). Flowers are hermaphrodite (means having both male and female organs in same flower). These flowers are full of nectar and lure lot of insects. Seeds are reported poisonous when ingested.

This beautiful flower is the national flower of both Argentina and Uruguay. Also, this is the official city tree at Los Angeles and California.

Photos of this article were taken from the Godawari Botanical Garden, Nepal. It was the month May of 2014.

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