Bagerhat: Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল)

Saturday, 03 January 2015

It was another bright and sunny day, and it was day-2. Before entering inside the Bagerhat's world heritage site, we have visited the Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল). I have visited this before once, and this time sneaked inside again as it was near from our way.

There is a picnic spot located at the village near Ronojitpur (রণজিতপুর). It is based on a house named Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল). It was probably built by someone named Saiyad Amanul Huda Selim (সৈয়দ আমানুল হুদা সেলিম). My guess he was a naval officer. Chondra (চন্দ্রা) is the name of his wife and the name of the house is given after her. Lot of local visitors use to come here everyday.

An underpass through water that leads you to the other side.

It was free once upon a time, but now a days they have put an entry fee to enter. Its 20 Taka these days. Apart from the house, the area is nicely decorated with flowers. Also it has symbolic sculptures to depict the lost culture of our Bangladesh. It has a mini zoo at one corner, and has several ponds around.

A miniature version of Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল)?

The house Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল) is surrounded by water and to reach there you have to go through an underpass that goes under the water. Inside the house, they have placed few stuffs which probably are the collected things from several part of the world (as a hobby, or during their traveling).

Only minaret of the Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল).

How to go:

Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল) is located beside the road of Khulna - Mongla. The name of the village is Ronojitpur (রণজিতপুর). If you are using public transport, then you can request the driver to drop you near that village. Also you can ask them about Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল). They all know about it. Also you can hire the battery driven auto rickshaw (from Bagerhat town) for round trip visiting the place. The GPS coordinate of the place is (22°40'22.02"N, 89°39'29.54"E).

There are several bus services available for Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট). These days Shakura (সাকুরা) is the best available bus service that can be found at Gabtoli (গাবতলী) bus terminal.

Middle one is General Osmani, the chieftain of freedom fighters in 1971.

Where to Stay:

Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট) is very near from the Khulna (খুলনা) town. Around 40 minutes of drive at maximum. And Khulna (খুলনা) is a divisional district. It has several international standard hotels along with plenty of cheap hotels. You can check in those for your night staying. I have stayed at the Royal International Hotel, an old and famous hotel from Khulna. And I always go for the old but famous hotels. The reason is, they are always classy, and everyone knows about location. Just ask anyone from Khulna (খুলনা) about this hotel from anywhere around there :-).

I liked this composition.

The premise has lot of flowers around.

A traditional village gossiping during the lazy noon.

A beautiful woman is working with Dheki (ঢেঁকি).

A woman is grinding something the Jati (যাতি).

A beautiful woman is working with Dheki (ঢেঁকি).

A man is repairing his fishing net.

A mother is preparing some Pitha (পিঠা) and her kid is excited to have one! It reminds me my childhood days in village.

A housewife is processing fish for cooking.

This became obsolete these days, Traditional Palki (পালকী).

One of my favorite fruits named Sofeda (সফেদা)

Playing flute.

It was the day-2 of our four days trip at Southern Bangladesh. We have traveled Barisal (বরিশাল), Jhalokathi (ঝালকাঠি), Pirojpur (পিরোজপুর), Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট), and Khulna (খুলনা) in those days.

Chondro Mohol (চন্দ্র মহল),
Village: Ronojitpur (রণজিতপুর),
Upazela: Bagerhat Sadar (বাগেরহাট সদর),
District: Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate (22°40'22.02"N, 89°39'29.54"E),

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