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Long Tailed Shrike (কালো মাথা কসাই) - Lanius schach

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Bengali Name : Kalo Matha Koshai (কালো মাথা কসাই).
Common Name : Long-tailed Shrike, Rufous-backed Shrike.
Scientific Name : Lanius schach
Family : Laniidae

Long tailed shrike is one of my favorite birds during my childhood. I liked this bird for it's lovely color and it was always available where we lived. It is a native bird from our Bangladesh. It has several Bengali names such as Kalo Matha Koshai (কালো মাথা কসাই), Lenja Latora (লেন্জা লাটোরা), Baghatiki (বাঘাটিকি), etc. Its scientific name is Lanius schach and it belongs to the family Laniidae.

Though this bird looks a bit long for it's long tail, but actually its a small bird. It has a black mask at the eyes and also it's head is covered with total black. The breast is white in color and having a touch of white at some portion of the neck. The tail is usual long and the back side of the bird is rufous in color. The wings are having a touch of black (or should I say it has some black feather in wings?). It has a sharp hooked beak similar to other shrike birds.

This bird is known as shrike because of it's feeding behavior. It mostly hunts the small lizards, insects, etc. After the hunting it uses to impale the prey into the thorns of the tree. Also sometimes they use to scratch the prey on the thorns so that it gets sliced into small pieces. Basically these are the reasons to call this as a butcher bird.

Long tailed shrike uses to maintain it's territory and you'll not see two birds in the same territory. This bird mostly perch on the small trees or atop of bushes beside the cultivation fields. During my childhood I have seen a nest of this bird that was build on a tree above the 6/7 feet height from ground.

This bird is sometimes parasitized by the Cuckoo birds in our country Bangladesh.

Photos of this article were taken from several places of Bangladesh during the year 2014.

07 November 2014: Nagorpur, Tangail (নাগরপুর, টাঙ্গাইল),
16 December 2014: Keraniganj, Dhaka (কেরানীগঞ্জ, ঢাকা)

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