Rangamati: Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী)

Sajek (সাজেক) is a remote hilly area that is located at Rangamati district (রাঙামাটি জেলা), but you have to go there through the Khagrachhori district (খাগড়াছড়ি জেলা). Once upon a time this place was a risky place for the security reason and only few adventurous people could have dared to travel this region. But now a days the situation has changed. Bangladesh army has established their camp over their along with BGB. That's why the security has improved over there and lot of tourists are going there during their vacation. It has been around a year and I didn't plan for any traveling. So I have joined with a group and they have arranged everything (from bus ticket to rest house reservation). I was totally tension free and enjoyed a perfect vacation into the clouds.

We have already hired (over the phone) a local four wheel drive vehicle that picked us from Dighinala of Khagrachhori (দিঘিনালা, খাগড়াছড়ি). It was probably around 5000 taka for the two days. We were only five person in our group. They weather was initially sunny, but later changed its mode several times. We even had rain on our way and paused our journey beside a local tea stall. I have severe back pain problem and the driver was too rough. Most of the times I was rigid on my seat located behind the vehicle. The whole road journey was thrilling for others and they have enjoyed the beauty of rain, clouds, and the picturesque view of the hills, etc.

It took around 2.5 hours to reach at the Sajek valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী). It was around 4:00pm of the day. We were late because we have explored several places from Dighinala (দিঘিনালা) including the Hajachhora Waterfall. In fact we have had a great shower from the lovely waterfall. When we have reached at Sajek (সাজেক) it was fully covered with the clouds. It means we were inside the cloud. So we became short sighted and couldn't view most of the things from around us. It was a bit chilling but lovely weather.

We have booked the guest house from the Army Camp. I thought it would be a normal room with handy beds and other stuffs. I didn't expect too much from this hilly area. But inside the rest house it was too much luxurious. A specious neat and clean room with large attached bathroom with urban facilities. Also the guest house has a attached terrace at the western side which is a perfect place for watching the sunset and having an afternoon time passing. The guest house also has a separate dinning room and they have already severed our lunch over there (cooked by the army chef). It wasn't having too many menus but enough to satisfy the hungry mouths like ours. These type of foods are costly over there. They had to collect these from the near by market which is more than an hour of vehicle distance.

It had only 10/15 minutes left before the sunset when we have finished our late lunch. So we have grabbed few chairs from there and started enjoying the sunset at Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী). Probably it was the first sunset that I have enjoyed while sitting on a chair! The western side was totally flat and we were at the top from our end. The sunset could have been an amazing one. But unfortunately the clouds forced the sun to set for a bit early then usual time.

A water stream on the way of Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী).

While I was sitting on the terrace, I have watched two bids which I haven't seen before (or may be I have seen before but couldn't notice carefully). These two birds were Indian Roller, and Blue Rock Thrush Female. The sun was at the back side of the birds and that's why the shots were slightly darker. After the sunset I have enjoyed a squirrel that was playing on a tree far from us. My crazy zoom camera helped me to observe the squirrel closely than ever. I was there as long as the remaining daylight was available.

A water stream on the way of Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী).

After the sunset I had a nap for an hour or more. In fact my other tour mates had a nap also. The breeze at Sajek after the sunset is too much heavy. From inside a room it feels that something like a storm is going on outside. Also the night was too much cold (a similar cold can be felt during the winter in Bangladesh). We had a dinner with the same menu and after the dinner we have had a gossiping at the terrace till the night 2:00am. Two from our team were having an amazing vocal and they have entertained us most of the times with their magical vocal. Also the night was full with firefly bugs lighting around. Unfortunately we haven't seen too much starts at sky for the cloudy environment.

A water stream on the way of Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী).

Next day, we have waked up too early to watch the sunrise. But once again, we were inside the cloud and couldn't see too much far from us. So we have given up our hope for sunrise of Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী). So we have randomly explored the area by lazy walking. We have passed few minutes at the Runmoy Coggate (রূনময় কটেজ) and had a photo session over there. But slowly the situation was getting worst (in terms of weather). I have sensed a heavy raining. So packed my camera inside the bag and started walking with long steps. It was a touch and go when I have reached our room. Few of us couldn't reach on time (may be for 30 seconds) and they have paid by soaking up from the early morning rain.

Tribal kids are enjoying the rain at Kasalong Bazar (কাসালং বাজার).

The rain was becoming heavier and I was inside the tin shaded room of the guest house. It has been a long time since I last passed moment inside a tin shaded room during the raining. It usually feels like 10/15 times heavier when you are inside such houses. The rain didn't show any sign to stop and I decided to have another round of nap inside the rain. Probably I have slept for an hour or two. I didn't have a sound sleep at night (usually I don't have at new place), but this time I had a sound sleep.

A lovely kid is enjoying the rain at Kasalong Bazar (কাসালং বাজার).

After the breakfast we have headed for the Kanglak Para (কাংলাক পারা) which is around 20/30 minutes of walking distance from the Army camp. Through the typical hilly path we have reached to the village without any problem. The village was a neat and clean one. It was a populous village even a years back. But now the tribal people from this village are moving to another location (don't know why, may be the water input is a problem here). That's why only few families were remaining there. In fact we didn't see too many villagers on there during our staying. From this village the view of Lusai Hill (লুসাই পাহাড়) is clear, but once again the clouds! and ...

At Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী).

Despite of being a remote village inside the hilly area of Bangladesh, the village was having most of the urban facilities such as electricity (from solar), cable tv, etc. They also cultivate fish inside the large pots which I didn't see before anywhere. Also, our district towns are far from this village, so they prefer to go to Mizoram (মিজোরাম) for their needs. Even lot of kids from this village use to go there for study purpose. Not sure whether they cross the border legally or illegally. There is a school available at this village, but the condition of the school wasn't that much good. Either our government, or the Army should take care of the school for improvement. Army has established a tourist spot there, now its time to repair the old school (build at 1963).

Clouds are at the far hill.

After returning from the Kanglak Para (কাংলাক পারা) we have packed our bags and said goodbye to Sajek (সাজেক). I wanted to stay there for another day and wanted to leave the valley after the sunset as my bus was at 10:00pm night. But unfortunately the tour wasn't arranged by me. It was their decision about staying or leaving. So I had to agree with them and leaved the valley unwillingly. It was an amazing time I have passed at Sajek (সাজেক) after a long time. In fact It's been a long time since I had a luxurious tour like this one.

Army guesthouse at where we have stayed.

How to Go:

First you have to come to the Khagrachhori (খাগড়াছড়ি). Shamoly (শ্যামলী) will be the best available bus service from all. From Khagrachhori (খাগড়াছড়ি) you can reach at Dighinala (দীঘিনালা) using CNG driven vehicles. It will be around 50 taka per person. From Dighinala (দীঘিনালা) you can hire motorbike or any four wheel driven vehicles locally known as Chander Gari (চান্দের গাড়ি). It will be better if you hire the vehicle for round trip. Otherwise you may not find any vehicle during your returning. Probably our group has hired the four wheel drive vehicle for 5000 taka for two days. I am not sure about the cost.

A terrace which is awesome for afternoon sitting (and of course night too).

Where to stay:

There are several cottages/resorts available for night staying (a bit costly though). These are governed by the Army or BGB. If you search at internet you'll find the required information. Also you can stay at the tribal houses. But that case you have to go there first, and then convince the villagers to give you a room.

Inscription says probably this army troop belongs to 19th Engineers.

A piece of cloud into the woods.

Its probably a withered tree and the parasite plants are growing on it.

Enjoying the afternoon from the terrace.

Enjoying the sunset from the terrace.

Enjoying the sunset from the terrace.

Enjoying the sunset from the terrace.

This squirrel entertained me even after the sunset.

Next day morning view. The area was covered with clouds.

A cottage that governed by BGB. Its name is Runmoy (রূনময়).

This little turbine supplies the whole electricity needed for this cottage.

A closer look towards the turbine.

A small piece of cloud inside the woods again.

The small hill was surrounded by the beautiful clouds.




Beautiful, clean, organized picturesque road from Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী).

This is behind the Runmoy Cottage (রূনময় কটেজ).

Its a compass that is placed at the roadside.

Suddenly everything gets covered inside clouds and had a heavy rain for more than an hour.

"After the rain has fallen!!"

Finally a bright sky and bright cloud view at Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী).

Finally a bright sky and bright cloud view at Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী).

On the way to Kanglak Para (কাংলাক পারা).

On the way to Kanglak Para (কাংলাক পারা).

Spiral like stem of a tree.

Fresh orange, still green, should be sour!

Clouds from Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী).

Beautiful view of a valley on the roadside.

A poisonous looking spider on our way.

Suddenly a thrilling passage on our way.

Kanglak Para (কাংলাক পারা) is just after this stair.

Finally at the Kanglak Para (কাংলাক পারা).

These stones are mainly a graveyards. But not sure how they were buried inside the stones.

These withered grass remind me the winter!

A bamboo garden at Kanglak Para (কাংলাক পারা).

A house inside the bush, may be for the domestic animals.

Local banana flower (inflorescence) is hanging from the plant.

Students from the Kanglak Para School (কাংলাক পারা স্কুল).

She is the teacher of the school. Her last name is Lusai (লুসাই).

These two photogenic kids were frenetic in front of the camera.

Right side stones are grave.

Kanglak Para (কাংলাক পারা) is under the cloud again that obscures our distant view.

A jungle flower says goodbye to us when we were returning.

কেউ যদি এইখানে বেড়াইতে যাই, তাইলে যেন আমরা কিছু ফালাইয়া না রাইখা আসি... আমরা যে এইখানে গেছিলাম, এইটার কোনো নিশানাই ঐখানে রাইখা আসা যাবে না... মনে রাখবেন উপরের দিকে থুথু ফেললে নিজের গায়েই লাগে... জায়গাটা ময়লা আবর্জনা ফেলে নষ্ট করলে কিন্তু আমাদের দেশের একটা সুন্দর জায়গাই নষ্ট হবে, যা আমাদেরই ক্ষতি...!

Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী),
Upazela: Baghaichhori (বাঘাইছড়ি),
District: Rangamati (রাঙামাটি),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ)
GPS Coordinate: (23°23'25.22"N, 92°17'9.56"E)

This article is written by Lonely Traveler,
for the blog http://icwow.blogspot.com/

Friday, 26 September 2014 - Saturday, 27 September 2014


  1. if we two friends or singly want to visit there, how can i make it nicely and of course cheaply? plz inform me. how about the resort or hotel cost?

    1. The resort cost is slightly expensive. You can search google for the resorts... They place is really nice... Just go there and you'll have a lot of fun...

  2. good work, nice one, content @ usefull image based blog, thanks . you are good at .

  3. Army guest ar kono contract number daya jabe...

  4. Army guest ar kono contract number daya jabe...

  5. Army guest house er kono contract number deya jabe.m.

  6. hi.... want to know... if i want to saty in Sajek just for one night, i mean my plan is to reach khagrachori on 14th morning n to start for dhaka on 15th night.... is it possible to visit both khagrachori n sajek within this short time?

    1. Yes possible. Go to the Sajek directly after you move in Khagrachhori... And next day back to Khagrachhori and explore the waterfalls and cave during the afternoon (after 12pm). That's it...

  7. আমরা আসলে তিনজন বন্ধু এ মাসের শেষের দিকে ২দিন-১রাতের ট্যুর দিতে চাচ্ছিলাম। চান্দের গাড়ি ভাড়া নেবার বিষয়ে, যেহেতু সম্পূর্ণ গাড়ি আমাদের ৭-১০হাজার টাকা দিয়ে রিজার্ভ করা সম্ভব নয়, আমরা কি সাধারনভাবে ট্রান্সপোর্টেশন করতে পারবো(মানে খাগড়াছড়ি থেকে সাজেক ভ্যালি পর্যন্ত প্রথমদিন সকালে আমরা আসবো, এখানে রাতে থেকে পরদিন যাবার জন্য অন্য চান্দের গাড়ি দিয়ে খাগড়াছড়ি ফেরত যাবার ইচ্ছা)? এবং এখন যেহেতু বৃষ্টি-বাদলার দিন, এ মাসের শেষে কি সাজেক ভ্যালি যাওয়া উচিৎ হবে? মানে, ভালো সিদ্ধান্ত হবে? মানে, অন্যান্য সময়ের মতো সৌন্দর্য উপভোগ করা যাবে? আবহাওয়ার কারনে ট্যুরের আনন্দের ব্যাঘাত ঘটবে না তো(যতটুকুই বলা যায় আরকি)?
    আর সাজেক ভ্যালি ছাড়া খাগড়াছড়িতে ঘোরার অন্য কোনো উল্লেখযোগ্য স্থান আছে কি(যা আমাদের হাতে বাকি থাকা ১ দিনে ঘোরা যাবে)?
    শেষ প্রশ্ন, বছরের এ সময়ে সাজেক ভ্যালীতে পর্যটক চাপ কেমন থাকে বলতে পারবেন?
    অগ্রীম ধন্যবাদ। ��

    1. - শুক্র শনি বারের আসে পাশে গেলে চাপ একটু বেশি থাকবে পর্যটকের। বর্ষায় খাগড়াছড়ি বা পাহাড়ি এলাকা বেশি সুন্দর। এখনই ঐদিকে যাবার উত্তম সময়।
      - খাগড়াছড়িতে ঝর্ণা আছে রিসাং। আলুটিলা গুহা, দেবতার পুকুর, আরো অনেক জায়গা যাবার মতন। আমার ব্লগেই আছে কিছু লেখা।
      - ভাড়া কমানোর জন্য দীঘিনালা থেকে মোটর সাইকেল নিতে পারেন। ছেড়ে দিয়ে দুই/একদিন পরে আবার আসতে বললেন। দেখেন কত নেয়। দীঘিনালা থেকে চান্দের গাড়ির ভাড়া কেমন হবে খেয়াল নেই। ঢাকা থেকে দীঘিনালা পর্যন্ত সরাসরি বাস যায়। অথবা খাগড়াছড়ি নেমে সিএনজি করে যেতে পারেন (৫০ প্রতি জন মনে হয় দীঘিনালা পর্যন্ত)।

  8. amra koyek jon bondhu mile december er dike sajek valley te jete cacci oi somoy gele kemon hobe..Ar per person koto taka lagte pare??

    1. I don't know about the current expense. Everything got expensive there as lot of tourists go there. If you want to go there at december, try to book your room or whatever place you want to stay. Most of the people go there during winter. Sajek is beautiful whenever you go. Just make a plan and go. Rainy season is best in my opinion.

  9. Ami bike niya jete chi... Road er obosta ki Rokom r sajek Vally te entry te ki kono permission lage. Pls help me if you know

    1. The road is good and shouldn't be a problem for bike. But I am not sure about the recent security. You should not require any permission to go there. But to stay there at night you'd probably need a house/hotel/etc.

  10. Excuse me, I need one help with this tour, like, can I take my personal car(Toyota Allion 2006, Two Wheel Drive, Automatic Gear) along with my experienced driver to Sajek?
    Please give me a feedback, I really need to know about this.

    1. Hi... i dont have much idea on car and driving... but it is better to take a driver who is experience in driving at hilly area... driving in hilly area is different than driving in plain land...


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