Monday, November 17, 2014

Maroon Shrimp Flower - Justicia brandegeeana

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Common Name : Maroon Shrimp Plant.
Botanical Name : Justicia brandegeeana
Family : Acanthaceae

Our today's flower is Maroon Shrimp (because it looks like a shrimp and the color is maroon). It is native to Mexico and not available in our country Bangladesh (unless someone nurture as ornamental). Botanical name is Justicia brandegeeana and the species name is named after the American botanist 'Townshend Stith Brandegee'. This Maroon shrimp plant belongs to the plant family Acanthaceae.

Flowers are basically inflorescence and color is maroon and resemble as shrimp. The inflorescence mainly comprises with a series of chained bracts which are green initially. Later the bract changes it's color into maroon with the help sunlight. Slim flowers emerge from the bracts and looks like a tongue. Flower has two parts (or petals), upper and the lower. Inside the lower petal it has maroon spots which simply increased the beauty of the flower. Upper petal has two dark magenta colored filaments attached inside and a white colored stigma.

Maroon Shrimp is a subtropical evergreen bushy shrub plant which can grow maximum of a meter in height. It grows well in shaded and cooler place. It doesn't require that much care and can tolerate drought. This plant can easily suit in our Bangladesh, specially under the medium or large sized trees at where the plant will not get direct sunlight.

Photos of this article were taken during the month of May 2014 from the National Botanical Garden, Nepal. The flower was planted in a pot inside a greenhouse along with other flowering plants. I found it hard to focus on this particular flower with my cellphone camera.

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