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Indian Roller (নীলকন্ঠ পাখি) - Coracias benghalensis

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Bengali Name : Nilkontho (নীলকন্ঠ), Nilkanto (নীলকান্ত).
Common Name : Indian Roller.
Scientific Name : Coracias benghalensis
Family : Coraciidae

It is a very beautiful and colorful small bird from our country. It's name is Neel Kontho (নীলকন্ঠ), Neel Kanto (নীলকান্ত), etc. Rest of the world commonly knows this bird as Indian Roller as it does twists and turnings in air like aerobatic display. It's scientific name is Coracias benghalensis. The species name benghalensis came after the Bengal which means its pretty much native to our Bengal region. It belongs to the family Coraciidae.

This colorful bird is most beautiful when its on the fly. The wings are having a delicate touch of deep blue and light blue. It's breast is brownish and that distinguish it from European Roller which is almost similar. Indian Roller has a blue crown (or head). Male female birds are not that much distinguishable.

Indian Roller uses to perch on a high branch of a tree. They descend to ground for feeding and mostly are insects like beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, etc. Their breeding time is May-June and they make nest on the holes on tree (made by woodpecker) or buildings. It has a harsh chack sound which is nearly similar to crow.

Otin Bondhopaddhay (অতীন বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়) wrote a novel in Bengali language named Nilkontho Pakhir Khoje (নীলকন্ঠ পাখির খোঁজে). I didn't read this book ever. From the name of the book I thought (when I was a kid) its a fictional bird and never existed in real.

The Roller is perched on high and preening.

Photos of this article were taken from the Sajek of Rangamati (সাজেক, রাঙামাটি). It was just before the sunset, the light was low and the Roller was slightly far from me and was perching on a tree amid the valley in small hills. It was the month of September 2014.

Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ) during the year 2014.

26 September 2014: Rangamati (রাঙামাটি)

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