Dhaka: Lalbagh Kella (লালবাগ কেল্লা)

Lalbagh Fort (লালবাগ কেল্লা) is an unfinished fort that is located at the Lalbagh (লালবাগ) of Old Dhaka. The construction was initiated under the direction of Azam Shah (আজম শাহ), the third son of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb (মোঘল সম্রাট আওরঙ্গজেব) during 1678. His construction was thwarted as he was summoned back to Delhi to fight against the Marathi (মারাঠী). Later on Shayesta Khan (শায়েস্তা খাঁ) continued the construction during 1680. But unfortunately his beloved daughter Pori Bibi (পরী বিবি) had died that time and he considered this fort as a bad omen, and thus he never completed this task anymore (after 1684).

The Lalbag fort (লালবাগ কেল্লা) has three main edifices apart from the fort itself. It has a three domes mosque at the western side, and a Hammam Khana (হাম্মাম খানা) at the eastern side. Middle of these two it has a tomb (of Pori Bibi). This tomb was built using rich materials (considering that time) like marble stone, black basalt, etc. At the center chamber of this square shaped complex the beloved daughter of Shayesta Khan (শায়েস্তা খাঁ) was buried.

At the roof of the conference hall.

The mosque is publicly open for the public to practice their daily prayer. And the Hammam Khana (হাম্মাম খানা) is serving as a museum which exhibits the used materials like knifes, dress, guns from that time. Right now the second floor is not open (but it was when I have visited there long time back as a kid).

The mausoleum of Pori Bibi (পরী বিবি).

The fort has three main facades and only one is open these days. These gates are at the northern side of the fort. At southern side it has several high walls which were the part of the main fortification. I believe these were designed to be a part of the high pathway for patrolling. This fort was totally abandoned for a long period. Later it was renovated, but still the only remaining portion of the wall is in very dilapidated condition.

The mausoleum of Pori Bibi (পরী বিবি).

How to Go:

This Lalbag Kella (লালবাগ কেল্লা) is located at the Older part of Dhaka. It is very easy to access. You can ask any rickshaw puller from Gulistan (গুলিস্তান) to drop you there. The GPS coordinate of the fort is (23°43'10.73"N, 90°23'17.28"E).

Hammam Khana (হাম্মাম খানা).

Ticket, Opening and Closing:

This fort remains open Tuesday to Saturday. The ticket price is 5 taka for the kids. And 20 taka for the adults. For the foreigner its 100 taka per person.

A threes dome mosque at the western side of the fort.

The river Burigonga (বুড়িগঙ্গা) is very near from this place. You can have a boat ride from there if you have time in hand. Around the rainy season the Burigonga (বুড়িগঙ্গা) river very enjoyable for the visitors. GPS coordinate of Sowari Ghat (সোয়ারী ঘাট) beside the Burigonga (বুড়িগঙ্গা) river is (23°42'40.46"N, 90°23'40.06"E).

A three domes mosque at the western side of the fort.

Aerial view inside the fort complex.

Main part of the fortification wall now in dilapidated condition.

Main part of the fortification wall now in dilapidated condition.

Knives from that era are in exhibition.

A dressed up soldier that imitate the soldier of that period.

These guns were used by the solder from that period.

An array of old rifles.

Lalbag Kella (লালবাগ কেল্লা),
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate: 23°43'10.73"N, 90°23'17.28"E

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Saturday, 13 September 2014