Dhaka: Day trip at Trimohoni (ত্রিমোহনী)

Saturday, 11 October 2014

From the beginning of the day it has been raining continually, not a heavy one though. I have started my today's short journey at 2:30pm at the middle of the day. Through the Madartek (মাদারটেক) I have reached at the Trimohoni (ত্রিমোহনী), a village like place that is very near from our crowed Dhaka.

I had to wait for a while beside the roadside due to the rain's speed. After that I took a short stroll on the bridge over the canal for a while. I was basically inspecting the situation and the surrounding. Slowly I found few small boats were wandering around, and also carrying people as a part of local transportation. But those weren't suitable for excursion as those didn't have any roof like things to give me a shelter from the rain.

Suddenly I found a boat having a roof like thing atop, made from the polythene and the architecture was like a tin shaded house. I have hired the boat for 130 taka/hour basis and started my journey. It was still raining, but very little in amount and you can say negligible. But later the rain varied it's speed to add thrill with my exploration. Even during that period I have experienced a heavy thunderstorm almost near to our boat. It was a buzzy and scary one for us.

I have hired a boat like this small one that was having a polythene roof atop.

This canal basically falls into the nearby river named Balu (বালু নদী, I have a plan to explore that one another day). The water of the canal was slightly dirty and slightly blackish in color. It doesn't have any pungent smell but I could feel something like that. Both bank of the canal were having village like houses and lot of small medium sized trees along with bushes. The atmosphere gave me a feelings that I was very far from my busy Dhaka life despite of being so near to Dhaka.

A fisherman was catching fish.

The canal wasn't a narrower one. It was wide enough to call it a river as well. I have seen lot of fishing traps were scattered around the river (may be the fishermen were inside house due to the rain). Lot of birds, but mostly the Kani Bok (কানি বক), and Gu Shalik (গু শালিক) were seen frequently. They have moved further when our boat was trying to invade their territory.

A pristine view from the surrounding.

As I have a roof over my head, I didn't need to worry about the rains. They were falling on the roof over my head and making a noise that was thrilling (similar to staying inside a village house during rain). The boat was moving slowly, the rains were falling all around me, and the lyrical sound of boat pulling and rain was playing like a background music.

Fishing traps were seen frequently around the canal.

It took around 30/40 minutes to reach the boat near the Balu river (বালু নদী). But the day was already gloomy from the beginning, it was raining, and also the day was almost near to be gone! So I have decided to turn back from that point without exploring the river. The rain was maximum at that point and I was forced to keep my camera inside the bag. Few parts of my body got soaked by the drops from the rain.

A heron (কানি বক) was waiting for it's prey.

The heavy rain was still on when I left the boat. Even it persisted till I have reached at my home. It was a another remarkable day from my traveling. Exploring water through a small boat during a rainy day and returning home using Rickshaw in rain, and sometimes the roads were filled with water.

Another heron (কানি বক) on the tree that was already soaked up.

How to Go:

Trimohoni (ত্রিমোহনী) is very near from the Dhaka. You can reach this place through several routes. I have reached there through Basabo Buddha Mondir (বাসাবো বৌদ্ধ মন্দির), then Madartek (মাদারটেক), and then Trimohoni (ত্রিমোহনী). You can follow this route as well. The road condition is good. From Bashabo (বাসাবো) it was 30 minutes of rickshaw ride.

From Trimohoni (ত্রিমোহনী) I have hired a small boat for 130 Taka per hour. You can probably hire such a boat for 100-150 Taka per hour depending upon your bargaining. Just chose one that you'll feel comfortable.

I have done a round trip excursion between the coordinate from (23°45'36.78"N, 90°27'46.50"E) to (23°45'42.18"N, 90°28'55.45"E). You may prolong your journey by exploring further.

Another soaked up bird. This one mostly uses to sneak around the dirt for it's food.

Best time for visit:

Unfortunately this place is best only around the rainy season. Rain gives the canal a flow to sweep up the dirt and smelly water. Otherwise during a dry season you'll find the water is too much pungent to stay on boat for a longer period. But you can have a try during other season as well and let us know your experience!

Houses around the canal was almost similar to the village houses.

A bamboo made pool over the canal to ease the transportation.

Few part of the tree is still under the water.

This picture will tell you about how hard the raining was that time.

This is an amazing view. You can see the rain drops clearly.

These two vessels are designed to carry a good load of goods, specially the sands.

এই যায়গার পানি এমনিতেই কিছুটা নোংরা থাকে... অযথা আর আপনার চিপসের বা বিস্কুটের প্যাকেট ফেলে একে আর নোংরা করবেন না... ক্ষতি যা করার তা আমরা আগেই করে ফেলেছি...

GPS: 23°45'36.78"N, 90°27'46.50"E
Trimohoni (ত্রিমোহনী),
Dhaka (ঢাকা),
Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ)

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