Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Acacia flower(আকাশমনি ফুল) - Acacia auriculiformis

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Bengali Name : আকাশমনি, একাশি, একাশিয়া
Common Name : Acacia, Earleaf Acacia, etc
Botanical Name : Acacia auriculiformis
Family : Mimosaceae

Acacia, widely known as Papuan Wattle, Auri, etc is a fast growing evergreen plant that is native from the Australia. This plant is introduced in our country for it's wood and rapid growing nature. We use to call this as Akashmoni (আকাশমনি), Ekashia (একাশিয়া), Ekashi (একাশি) in our country, a similar pronunciation to Acacia. Botanical name of this plant is Acacia auriculiformis from the plant family Fabaceae.

Akashmoni (আকাশমনি) is a medium sized tree plant that can grow around 30 meters in height. Interesting part of the plant is, it doesn't have any leaf when its fully grown up! Well, actually the green leaf like things we use to see are actually false leaf. Or you can say the flattened leaf stalk which is botanically known as phyllodes. This plant uses to bring leaflets similar to Mimosa flower (লজ্জাবতী ফুল) after the successful seeding. After that it never brings those leafs ever on that tree.

Acacia flowers are bright yellow or orange in color. It uses to decorate the tree with yellow, vast in a number despite of greenish leafs. These cluster flowers use to have lot of yellow stamens and hence the overall color is yellow. Flowers use to come from the axil of the leaf. Around the rainy season in our country Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ) is the blooming season for this plant.

This plant can grow in poor soil, and doesn't demand for too much care. Even this plant can bring nutrients to the poor soil. Also its a popular tree for beautification around the roadsides and lot of people use to plant this for wood.

Photos of this article were taken from the Dhaka (ঢাকা), and Khagrachhori (খাগড়াছড়ি) district during September 2014.

This article is written by Lonely Traveler,
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