My Sunset observation in Nepal

Wednesday 23 April 2014 - Monday 19 May 2014

There are lot of things happening around us again and again. Sunset is one of those and I never get tired of watching the sun gets down again and again. At my busy life in Dhaka (ঢাকা) I rarely get a chance to see the sunset. Its almost impossible to enjoy this thing for the mammoth buildings around us.

But it was a different story when I use to visit the Nepal. From the roof of our apartment the western side is all most totally viewable, except the tail of the Nagarjun (नागार्जुन) hill located in Nagarjun (नागार्जुन) Reserve Forest. The sun use to go behind that hill every day and I used to enjoy the beauty all most every day even after my busyness. Most of the day the red sun was fully or partially visible. Few other days were unlucky as the sun was totally covered by the clouds, or by the fogs which are formed from the clouds.

I have stayed at the Indreni (इन्द्रेणी) Apartment at Kathmandu (काठमाडौँ). All most 95% of the families living there are foreigners in Nepal. From the roof of that building I have enjoyed my daily sunset at Nepal. The GPS coordinate of the apartment is (27°43'15.72"N, 85°19'59.52"E). And the GPS coordinate of the tail of Nagarjun (नागार्जुन) hill is (27°44'6.48"N, 85°18'1.22"E).

I have posted the photos of sunset with this article. These photos are taken in between a one month of period. You'll see the deviation of sun's position from left to right in terms of the fixed hill.

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  1. Nepal is really attracts me a lot.When I will get chance I will definitely go there.And this is so true that in Dhaka it is quite impossible to see sunset because of busy life.Thanks a lot for sharing your story.

    Holiday Traveller


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