Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mountain Hydrangea(মাউন্টেন হাইড্রেঞ্জিয়া) - Hydrangea macrophylla ssp. serrata

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Bengali Name : মাউন্টেন হাইড্রেঞ্জিয়া
Common Name : Mountain Hydrangea, Sawtooth Hydrangea, etc.
Botanical Name : Hydrangea macrophylla ssp. serrata
Family : Hydrangeaceae(Hydrangea family)

This flower is similar to Hydrangea flower but has a different name. It is known as Mountain Hydrangea or Sawtooth Hydrangea. This is a foreign flower in our country Bangladesh. It is native to the mountain region of China and it's proximity areas. Botanical name of the plant is Hydrangea macrophylla ssp. serrata (sub species of Hydrangea macrophylla). It belongs to the plant family Hydrangeaceae.

Mountain Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub plant that can grow around 3-4 ft in height. It has saw-toothed leafs which are ovate shaped and arranged oppositely around the stem. It is a moderate growing plant and requires partial to full sunlight for proper growing. Compare to the regular Hydrangea, the flower cluster of this plant is smaller than the leafs.

Flowers are similar to regular Hydrangea flower, but for this Mountain hydrangea it has a cluster of smaller flower at the middle of the flower cluster. Color of the flower is white having a blue or violet touch at the center. And at the middle of the flower cluster it has again blue or violet colored small flowers.

A blue colored Mountain Hydrangea flower.

Photos of this article were taken from the Garden of Dreams of Kathmandu, Nepal. It was the month of May 2014.

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