Thursday, May 29, 2014

Purple Ice Plant - Lampranthus productus

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Common Name : Purple Ice Plant.
Botanical Name : Lampranthus productus
Family : Aizoaceae(Ice plant family)

This is another ornamental flowering plant that is native to South Africa. It doesn't have any local name here in Bangladesh. This is mostly known as Purple Ice Plant in English. Botanical name is Lampranthus productus(the species name productus implies that the plant brings numerous flower in it). This plant belongs to the plant family Aizoaceae.

This is a juicy leafed perennial herb plant having green and brown stems. It's stems are soft and that's why it uses to spread around instead of growing upwards. This plant can sustain rough condition including the drought. Also this plant can grow from the stem as well. The performance of the plant is best when it gets the full sun.

Flowers of the plant are purple or pink in color, and having a yellow disk at the middle. Purple petals are slim and thin and the counts are even more than hundreds. From my observation, the flowers use to bloom at the morning and during the afternoon they use to close again. Even the flowers use to close-in if the dark sky at the early in the day(for rainy weather). Flowers use to dried up at the next day.

A dried up flower

Photos of article were taken from Kathmandu, Nepal. It was the month of April 2014.

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