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Brazilian Pusley - Richardia brasiliensis

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Common Name : Brazilian calla-lily, Tropical mexican clover, etc.
Botanical Name : Richardia brasiliensis
Family : Rubiaceae(coffee family)

Interestingly enough, this weed plant is mainly native to both North and South American region. But it is widely available at the tropical and sub-tropical region as well. I don't know any suitable Bengali name for this weed plant. But this is known as Brazil Pusley, Tropical mexican clover, etc in English. Botanical name of the plant is Richardia brasiliensis and it belongs to the plant family Rubiaceae. Though I have doubt about the species name, may be it can be grandiflora or scabra.

Richardia scabra is an annual herb plant that can grow around a foot in height. The stalk-less leafs are oppositely arranged around the stem and both the stem and the leafs are hairy. This is mainly a weed plant(reported as invasive in few region) and often found at the roadsides in our country Bangladesh.

The flowers of Brazil Pusley are milky white in color, having six petals and blooms as a cluster as well. Flowers use to bloom more or less every months of the season. Despite of being small in size, the flowers are still showy.

Photos of this article were taken from a road side of Narayanganj(নারায়ানগঞ্জ) during the month of June 2013. In the photos you might have noticed the dusts around the leafs and the flowers, those are because of the dusts from the road.

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