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Lojjalu Ful (লজ্জালু ফুল) - Oxalis reinwardtii

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Bengali Name : Lojjalu Ful(লজ্জালু ফুল).
Common Name : Little Tree Plant, Sensitive plant, etc.
Botanical Name : Oxalis reinwardtii
Synonym : Biophytum reinwardtii, Biophytum sensitivum
Family : Oxalidaceae(Wood sorrel family)

I am fairly confused about this plant. It is either Biophytum reinwardtii or Biophytum sensitivum in botanical name, which are almost similar(to whom who are not laymen). Common name of this plant is Little Tree Plant as this looks like a miniature version of tree. I don't know about any local name of this flower in our country Bangladesh. But it has a nice Sanskrit name Lajjalu(লজ্জালু ফুল)[Shy in English] and I liked it. This plant reacts to the touch slightly, and possibly this can be a reason behind that name. This plant grows at Tropical Africa and Asian regions.

This is an annual herb plant having a single stem and it's compound leafs are arranged around the stem in a circular fashion. Leafs which are at the bottom side of leaflet are smaller in size compare to the others which are at the other end. Flowers are small and yellow in color. Its almost having a similar shape of the flower Oxalis corniculata.

This plant is emerged from the rock. You can see the mosses around it too.

Photos of this article were taken from the Chittagong during our trekking. It was the month of July, 2013. Until then, I have never seen this flower. Most of the photos of this article are unclear as my hands were shaking(I was a bit tired from the previous day's trekking).

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ফুলের জন্য ভালবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...


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