Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dheki Shak(ঢেঁকি শাক) - Fern

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If you have ever studied biology at your high school, then I must say you are very much familiar with the Fern. This is one of the world's most ancient plants that first appeared around 360 million years back(sounds crazy though). In our country Bangladesh we have a very common type of Fern which is locally known as Dheki Shak(ঢেকি শাক).

Fern is an abundantly growing herb plant that doesn't bring any flower or seed. For this special criterion, this plant is a must read article in our high school biology books. It uses to propagate through the spores. It grows as a weed in our country at the wastelands or unused lands. But in lot of countries it is being used as an ornamental plants for it's leaf's structures.

This a Fern bush that is placed inside a garden for ornamental beauty.

The young leaf buds are called frond and is a very palatable vegetable when well cooked. In fact this is one of my favorite dish. Whenever I go to my village, I usually do not miss the chance to enjoy this dish.

Young fern bud usually known as Frond. This portion of the plant is being used as a palatable vegetable in our country science ancient time.

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  1. Very nice to see such Fern plant. It can be eaten as vegetables and good health.

  2. Thanks for the illustrated introduction with Dheki Shak!